Why Cleveland Browns Need Teddy Bridgewater

By kennethbrown
David Manning- USA TODAY Sports

If Louisville‘s quarterback Teddy Bridgewater opts to enter the 2014 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns need to select him even if it means trading their two first-round draft picks. The Browns have won a dismal total of 13 out of their last 48 games over the last three seasons. Why and how can a team be so bad, you ask? The quarterback is a key reason. They have tried many different systems and quarterbacks, and all have failed.

Now is the time to make a bold move that can bring the franchise to life once again.

Bridgewater has had a steady, flashy season in which he has impressed many, with some suggesting he will be the no. 1 pick in the draft. In the Russell Athletic Bowl, Teddy threw for 447 yards and three touchdowns while running for one more TD, proving he has the moves to win games. His team was able to improve throughout their encounter as they won 36-9 against the Miami Hurricanes.

It’s never easy stepping up from college to the NFL, but Bridgewater has been a composed quarterback all year, and that’s something Cleveland could use right now. Although he might not make a game-changing immediate impact, he will remain calm, work hard and improve with each game, which could only benefit a franchise that already possess some talented players.

The season has now finished and there are many things to be decided, but the Browns need to consider their quarterback options. If they want a young, hungry guy to lead them in to the 2014 season, then Teddy Bridgewater is their man at any cost.

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