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2014 NFL Playoffs: 10 Reasons Why Green Bay Packers Will Win the Super Bowl

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10 Reasons Why Green Bay Packers Will Win the Super Bowl

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The Green Bay Packers were all but ruled out just a few short weeks ago. However, the resilient team went 3-1 over their last four games, and with a little help, was able to clinch the NFC North division title in a thrilling victory over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. The incredible feat is just one major reason why the Packers will win Super Bowl XLVIII.

A tie against the Minnesota Vikings and a blowout loss to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving were tough to swallow. However, Green Bay never gave up and continued to believe they could finish off the regular season on a strong note. That began to come to fruition after quarterback Matt Flynn led the Packers to a one-point win over the Atlanta Falcons at Lambeau Field. The following week was a jaw-dropping victory over the Dallas Cowboys in which Green Bay overcame a 26-3 halftime deficit. That win proved the 2013 Packers could be a team of destiny.

Of course, there are several glaring holes that prove to be reason enough that Green Bay doesn’t have what it takes to reach the promise land. With that being said, there are more than enough reasons to believe the Packers can be victorious in the playoffs.

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Return of Aaron Rodgers

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The NFC North title game against the Bears is everything anyone needs to know what the return of superstar Aaron Rodgers means to the Packers. He’s the leader of the pack and makes the team tick. His presence alone is a huge reason why every other NFC team should be terrified to face Green Bay.

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The Packers struggled mightily to take the ball away for a majority of the season. However, the defense has really come along in recent weeks. Granted, they only have 11 interceptions on the season. With that being said, seven of those picks have come within the last five games. The Packers have also recovered 11 of their 17 forced fumbles.

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Two-Headed Monster

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One of the biggest reasons the Packers will win Super Bowl XLVIII is because of the two-headed monster that is the offense. The Packers have never had as balanced as an offense as they currently do since Rodgers has been on the team. The emergence of Eddie Lacy over the course of the season has done wonders for Green Bay. More importantly, the mix of Rodgers and Lacy in the playoffs will create all sorts of problems for opponents.

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Return of Randall Cobb

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Randall Cobb is a matchup nightmare who is a difference maker even when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands. Defenses still have to know where he is at all times because of how dangerous he can be. More importantly, Cobb showed against the Bears just how good he is when healthy.

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The Hard Road Traveled

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Green Bay has been through a lot in 2013. Their team leader suffered a significant injury that looked serious enough to derail the entire season. In fact, the Packers have gone through enough injuries to put the 2010 team’s troubles seem like nothing. On top of everything else, they barely squeaked by with a division title due to their 8-7-1 record. Basically, the hard road traveled this season has built enough tough skin for Green Bay to endure anything in the playoffs.

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The Packers are loaded with experienced veterans who understand what it takes to win it all. That experience, mixed in with young players who are eager to learn, will do wonders for Green Bay in the postseason.

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Numerous Offensive Weapons

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I’ve already discussed Rodgers, Lacy and Cobb as being very important parts in Green Bay’s offense. The reality is Rodgers has numerous weapons at his disposal. Jordy Nelson is the most underrated wide receiver in the NFL, while James Jones and Jarrett Boykin have proven to be difference makers. Not to mention, tight end Andrew Quarless has really stepped his game up in 2013. Along with that, James Starks and John Kuhn continue to impress with their limited reps. The Packers might just have the most talented offense in the NFC.

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Time of Possession

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One of the most overlooked statistics is time of possession. Green Bay is tied for 10th in the league with a 51.46 percent of possession. Against the Bears in the season finale, the Packers possessed the football 35:09 to 24:51. In the playoffs, it will all come down to running the football with success and containing possessions. The good news is Green Bay does both very well.

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Mike McCarthy

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Mike McCarthy is an elite head coach in the NFL. He boasts an impressive record, and the Packers have had nothing but success since he arrived in Green Bay. With that being said, those facts have nothing to do with this postseason. The reason why the Packers will reach the Super Bowl under McCarthy this time around is because of his gutsy play calling. He may not call perfect plays all of the time, but there’s no question his team believes in his ability to call the right play in the heat of the moment.

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Will to Win

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If there’s one thing we learned about the 2013 Packers, it’s their will to stay alive. Most people, including a majority of fans, wrote the team off. Everyone said the organization should shut Rodgers down for the season and just accept that it isn’t Green Bay’s year. However, the players never thought for a second the playoffs weren’t a possibility. They believed in each other and it’s really paying off. Their will to win is going to do wonders in the playoffs.