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5 Reasons The Seattle Seahawks Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII

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5 Reasons Seattle Seahawks Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII

5 Reasons5 Seattle Seahawks Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks not only came away with the NFC West title, a very impressive feat, but they did so with a 13-3 record and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Prior to their Week 16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Russell Wilson hadn’t lost at home since becoming a member of the Seahawks. Teams should be worried when heading into CenturyLink Field.

While some of the other Super Bowl favorites are known for a being dominant on one side of the ball -- Denver Broncos on offense and Kansas City Chiefs on defense -- the Seahawks are a well-rounded team that is impressive on both sides of the football. They have their star players of course, but their depth and consistency is what separates them from the pack.

Finishing with the top record in the NFC means the Seahawks will have a bye this coming weekend so they instead get to will watch their next opponent, which will be whatever team advancing has the lowest seed.

It does no good to make predictions about who the Seahawks will be facing in the divisional round of the playoffs two weeks from now. So instead, I will focus on five reasons why the Seahawks are my favorite to win the Super Bowl on February second.

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No. 5 Home Field Advantage

No. 5 Home Field Advantage5
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CenturyLink Field is home of the 12th man, and no it’s not just this guy. The Seattle fans are a rowdy bunch and they're always a factor when teams come to visit. The Seahawks will be playing at home until the Super Bowl, and considering they have only lost there once in the last two seasons, I fully expect them to go 2-0 at home and make an appearance in Super Bowl XLVIII.

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No. 4 They Will Feed The Beast

No. 4 They Will Feed The Beast
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Marshawn Lynch is a beast when running the ball, and if he had a better offensive line leading the charge he likely would average more than 4.2 yards per carry. Lynch however converts a first down nearly 25 percent of the time he touches the ball, and his 2.5 yards after contact average is the highest of any starting running back in the playoffs. The Seahawks can depend on Lynch to give them a solid performance every Sunday and this will really help during their playoff quest.

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No. 3 They Sport The No. 1 Ranked Defense

No. 3 They Sport The #1 Ranked Defense
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Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the NFL, but he isn’t the only standout player the Seahawks have. Safety Earl Thomas is becoming a big name around the league, and together the two have turned Seattle into a lockdown defense that ranks number one by Pro Football Focus (PFF) when it comes to the pass rush and pass coverage. Given how teams must have a stud quarterback in-order to compete in today’s NFL, having a solid secondary that can take the pass game away is a huge advantage for the Seahawks.

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No. 2 Russell Wilson

No. 2 Russell Wilson2
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There’s nothing special Russell Wilson does that makes the Seahawks the Super Bowl favorite, he simply does everything really well and limits mistakes. He’s turned into a great leader alongside Pete Carroll, and often succeeds because he takes what the defense gives him without trying to force anything or go overboard. I’d say Wilson is one of the best game managers in the league and will follow in the steps of Tom Brady on his way to winning multiple championships.

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No. 1 They're The Most Well-Rounded NFL Team

No. 1 They're The Most Well-Rounded NFL Team
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Not only are the Seahawks the most well-rounded team in the entire NFL, but they’re also one of the deepest as well. They have been dealt injuries to key players such as Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice this year, yet their passing game continues to flourish because of players like Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin. It’s true that their defense is strong enough to carry them at times, but the offense remains a constant threat with Lynch and Wilson in the game. One way or another, I expect to see the Seahawks playing in Super Bowl XLVIII.