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5 Reasons Why the Indianapolis Colts Will Win the 2014 Super Bowl

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Making Sense of the Indianapolis Colts' Super Bowl Chances

Indianapolis Colts
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Throughout the 2013 NFL season there has been heaps of praise thrown on the Denver Broncos, and Seattle Seahawks for their stellar regular season exploits, and with good reason. The two sides tied for the NFL lead with a 13-3 record, looked dominant against nearly every team they faced, and seemed to be gearing up both in terms of play and health for a deep run in the playoffs. In fact, it almost seems to good to be true when one sees how well they seem to be lined up for a match-up at Met Life Stadium in February of 2014.

But while the Broncos and Seahawks have great reason to feel they are the best two teams in the NFL, it is very likely they will not stack up with the best at the end of the day. After all, their regular season numbers will have them ranking as the team that everyone will be gunning to take down, and the ten other teams in the playoffs are all well qualified to do the deed.

Chief among the teams that looks likely to challenge for the 2014 Super Bowl is the Indianapolis Colts, who have almost trekked along in such a quiet fashion that some would forget they even made the playoffs. Once the playoffs begin though, it will be made clear that the team is the real deal, as head coach Chuck Pagano will show that his side is nothing to be taken lightly, in fact far from it.

Blessed with a well balanced team led by quarterback Andrew Luck on the offensive side of the football and Robert Mathis on the defensive end, the Colts will almost certainly stack up well against any team. Of course, these two players are not the only two two important players for the team, as the offensive line has had a huge impact on making the offense a near guarantee to score 25 points per game and the defensive line has made getting to the quarterback a near guarantee.

The end result has been an 11-5 record, AFC South Championship and a genuine shot to win the 2014 Super Bowl. In addition to just being balanced on both ends of the football though, there are a number of other factors as to why Indianapolis will be the final team standing.

To this effect I have come up with five huge reasons why the Colts will win the 2014 Super Bowl. Enjoy, and feel free to give feedback as to why you agree or disagree.

Tyler Leli is a Washington Capitals writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter, "Like" him on Facebook or join his network on Google.

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5. The Colts Can Win at Home and on the Road

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During the 2013 NFL season the Indianapolis Colts had a 6-2 record at home and a 5-3 mark on the road, showing that they can put up results anywhere. This will be a crucial trait moving into the playoffs, as the Colts will have the luxury of taking on the Kansas City Chiefs at home in the first round, but will most likely have to travel the rest of the playoffs. This could very well mean taking trips away from the friendly confines of Lucas Oil Stadium and into the cold weathered areas of Denver, New England and New Jersey. Feeling confident going into these areas will be crucial to winning, and necessary to become 2014 Super Bowl Champions.

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4. Indianapolis Is On a Hot Streak

Indianapolis Colts4
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Since losing in Week 14 to the Cincinnati Bengals there has been no doubting the efficiency of the Indianapolis Colts. In the three weeks since, they have outscored the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 78-20, in turn dominating each side on both offense and defense. It is often said that momentum heading into the playoffs is the most important factor to winning the Super Bowl, and there is no doubting the Colts have it on their side.

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3. Resilience Is In the Team's Blood

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Throughout the 2013 NFL season it has seemed as if the Indianapolis Colts have seen a significant player go down to injury on every passing week--specifically on offense--but the team has recovered each time. Chief among those to go down with injury were: Reggie Wayne, Pat Angerer, Montori Hughes, Chris Rainey, Delano Howell, and Ahmad Bradshaw. They have all gone on injured reserve since the start of October. Getting over these injuries showed a level of resiliency that will be necessary come playoff time, as injuries often pile up in droves during this time.

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2. Andrew Luck Will Make All the Right Decisions

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Winning in the playoffs often comes down to how well a team's quarterback will play, and there is no doubting that the Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck will rank among the best at the position this year. During the 2013 season Luck threw for 3,822 yards, a 60.2 completion percentage, 23 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Those numbers may not be the most eye popping in the world, but the quarterback is not defined by numbers, but instead by efficiency and smartness in the pocket. Luck may not throw for 400 yards each game, but he will methodically move the Colts down the field, convert in the red zone and not throw the type of turnovers that get the team in bad field position defensively.

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1. The Colts Show Up Against the Big Boys

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In order to win the 2014 Super Bowl the Indianapolis Colts will have to beat top notch teams, and if the 2013 regular season is any indication then they will be a rousing success. During the season the Colts took on six playoff teams--the Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, and Seattle Seahawks--and racked up a thoroughly impressive 4-2 record. While the regular season is much different than the playoffs, having the experience of winning against top teams is always a crucial trait, and the Colts have it. Expect them to continue showing up against the best the rest of the way, and to win the 2014 Super Bowl.