Dan Snyder is the Only Person Who Can Fix the Washington Redskins

By Brian Skinnell
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The Washington Redskins won their last Super Bowl back in 1991 and haven’t been an annually competitive franchise since the late 1990s. They’ve been an organization enveloped in controversies, follies (both on and off the field) and have become the laughing stock of the NFL. Amidst all the chaos and blunders, one thing has remained constant and holds the key to truly fixing this disgruntled franchise: owner Daniel Marc Snyder.

Since buying the team and FedEx Field for $800 million in May of 1999, Snyder has now plowed through seven head coaches and two general managers. Ever since he took over the ownership of the Redskins back in 1999, the franchise has lacked consistency and continuity within the coaching staff and locker room. Rather than hiring a competent general manager and head coach to lead the franchise, he sticks his hand in the cookie jar and tries to control everything.

The best owners are the ones that sit back and let the football people make the football decisions. They only go into the locker room in an effort to support the players, all of them, and just to let them know that they care about them. What they don’t do, however, is enter the locker room with the intent to buddy up to one or two players in particular and play favorites (see: Robert Griffin III).

It’s okay for an owner to interact with his or her team — it is — but it’s not okay for an owner to have the kind of control that Snyder does. When you let an owner make crucial decisions for your franchise, decisions that you hire someone else to make, that’s when things go wrong. That’s why Washington hasn’t been able to get it done, and that has also been the downfall of the Dallas Cowboys.

If Dan Snyder wanted to make personnel decisions then he should have tried to become a general manager. Ever since his reign of terror began in 1999 he’s treated the Redskins as if they are one of his low-budget experiments he plays with in his free time. He has created a toxic work environment that is nearly impossible to be successful in.

With Dan Snyder at the helm, the Redskins are a joke of a football team. They spend way too much money on players and coaches that are nowhere near worth it. He’s more concerned with flaunting his wealth than actually putting together a winning football team. Signing high-profile free agents is fun, but spending $100 million on Albert Haynesworth was trouble right from the beginning.

In a press release Monday morning announcing the firing of Mike Shanahan, Dan Snyder said that “Redskins fans deserve a better result.” He’s absolutely right. The fan base is far too loyal and it’s sad that they (we) have to endure the constant torture that comes with being a Redskins fan. Unfortunately for him, the only way for fans to get the result they deserve is for Snyder to sell the franchise.

For as long as Daniel Marc Snyder is in control of the Washington Redskins, they will be a joke, losers and will never win a Super Bowl. If he truly wants to right the ship in Washington he must first sell the team to someone who truly cares about it.

Brian Skinnell is a freelance sports writer for RantSports.com and contributor at Yahoo Sports. Follow him on Twitter and add him to your network on Google.

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