Here's Who Cleveland Browns Should Hire Now That Rob Chudzinski Was Fired

By kennethbrown
Jason Bridge- USA TODAY Sports

As the season comes to a close there are usually obvious candidates for who will be fired on Black Monday, but days before this year’s version rumors started to surface which suggested Rob Chudzinski would be incredibly lucky to keep his job even though he had only been in it for one season. This turned out to be true as he was let go soon after their final game on December 29. The front office has now addressed the media and the fans, and they seem focused on getting the right man for the job. But who is the “right man” to bring success to the Cleveland Browns?

A lack of progress was cited as the reason the organization lost faith in Chudzinski, so they need to find somebody then can have 100 percent faith in from the beginning — not somebody they hope will develop and needs time to settle. They need an impact man, but the problem is there aren’t many of them around in the current NFL world. After a disappointing season in which they finished 4-12 the Browns knew they needed to act, and there are already a list of top candidates with a-list credentials. So who will they pursue?

One option is the young offensive coordinator from the New England Patriots in Josh McDaniels. He failed during his short stint as a head coach, but he was young and has learned a lot in the very successful Patriots organization since so why not give him a shot? He has been working with superstar Tom Brady and hot prospect Ryan Mallett so he will have a clear idea of what it takes to find a superstar quarterback and what it will take to find the right prospect, too. With his offensive knowledge gained in New England, he could be the man to finally help the Browns.

The other leading contender is Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. Quinn has been a vital part in making the Seahawks a tough, defensive force, and the Browns would hope to install that mentality to their own team. Their defense is considered as the best in the NFL so it’s no wonder the Browns are looking at going in this direction.

This process could take a lot of time with the Browns front office desperate to get the right man. These two are on their short-list, and they both have obvious credentials that would make them a very appealing choice for the Browns. Whoever gets this job has a tough task at hand, but they will also have a large amount of salary cap to play with, several draft picks and some of the most talented individuals in the NFL. This team can be brought back to life; as for who can do it, well that’s up to you, Cleveland.

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