Only Question in Tim Tebow’s ESPN Deal is Why it Took So Long

By David Miller
Tim Tebow
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The latest news about Tim Tebow should be something that everyone just shrugs, nods and smiles about. ESPN has inked a multi-year deal with Tebow to reportedly be a college football analyst. I don’t know how well Tebow will do analyzing anything but there is no question that this was a clear step for both Tebow and the worldwide leader, as ESPN calls themselves.

Who was the network that was always the craziest about every single Tebow spotting? Which network had to supposedly make a concerted effort to lower their coverage of Tebow at one point or another? ESPN has been in love with Tebow for longer than his throngs of fans have been worshiping the ground he walks on so obviously they want him on their team.

For Tebow’s side of things he stays in the public eye and stays around football. The professional side of football might not have been his cup of tea just yet but in college there is no doubt he was the man. For those reasons and more this makes absolutely perfect sense for all sides. It might be a little obvious but for the most part it should have been something everyone saw coming.

As far as what happens next, there can only be a few clear assumptions. There will be people who swear that Tebow is the greatest analyst in the history of TV and there will be those who claim he acts as if he’s never seen the red light on a camera before. The real truth about Tebow’s work as an analyst will be just like his football skills; somewhere in-between the public’s two extreme views.

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