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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Top 6 Players Of 2013

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Pittsburgh Steelers' Best Players of 2013


After starting the season 0-4, all looked lost for the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, thanks to great coaching and great quarterback play, Pittsburgh was able to put themselves in playoff contention up until San Diego defeated Kansas City in Week 17.

To the Pittsburgh Steelers, this season will ultimately go in the history books as a failure. But as a fan, it sure was fun to watch the boys in black and gold this year. Many games came down to the wire and the Steelers fought hard right up until the very end. I believe that if the Steelers could have made the playoffs, they would have been a legitimate Super Bowl threat. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

As the Steelers get ready to go into the offseason, they will be looking to make adjustments to their roster. However, there are many great players who will remain on the Steelers in 2014.

Pittsburgh has much to look forward to in the future and although they did fall short of the postseason, there are many talented individuals on the Steelers who the organization can be proud of.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the top performers for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013.

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6. Jason Worilds


Jason Worilds has emerged as one of the best linebackers in Pittsburgh. He is young, solid, fast and was the sack leader for the Steelers in 2013.

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5. Lawrence Timmons


Lawrence Timmons is the clear-cut defensive quarterback for the Steelers and he led his team with 80 tackles in 2013.

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4. Troy Polamalu


Troy Polamalu never seems to slow down. His effort is relentless and in his 11th season, he is still one of the most exciting defensive players in the NFL.

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3. LeVeon Bell


As a rookie, LeVeon Bell proved that he can do it all. He is a dynamic three-down back who can hit defenses with both speed and power.

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2. Antonio Brown


Antonio Brown is by far and away the most dynamic, skilled player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His speed is unmatched and he led the NFL with 101 receptions in 2013.

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1. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben

Big Ben Roethlisberger remains at the top of his game in his 10th season at Pittsburgh. The two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback had his best statistical year in 2013.