What Happened To Dallas Cowboys' Terrance Williams?

By rodneygray
Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

Earlier in the year, Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams looked like the guy that could play opposite of Dez Bryant and help alleviate some of the double-coverages that Bryant would normally be facing. Williams had a few promising games, but the long NFL season may have finally caught up to him.

Williams was one of Tony Romo‘s favorite deep targets this season. Playing opposite of Bryant gave Williams plenty of one-on-one opportunities, and he capitalized on them for the most part. However, he seemed to have hit the wall like many rookies, and his production tailed off towards the end of the year.

However, he will prove to be a valued asset going forward for the Cowboys. With a core nucleus of Bryant, Jason Witten and DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys have a decent group of playmakers going forward. After the Cowboys finished yet another season at 8-8, they are going to need Williams and company to have a bigger impact on games.

With Williams in the lineup, the Cowboys have easily one of the best offense teams in the league. But with this season being over, Williams will need to learn how to be more consistent.

With one full NFL season under his belt, Williams will be able to build upon the success that he has had this year. He will need to try and work his way past the dreaded sophomore slump and continue to be productive for the Cowboys. Williams has the speed and the ball skills to potentially be a very special receiver in the NFL going forward.

The Cowboys need to continue to help Williams develop the same way they helped Bryant mature into the dominant receiver that he is today. It may take some time, but the combination of Williams and Bryant may one day rival that of any other team in the NFL.

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