2014 NFL Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why Philadelphia Eagles Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII

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5 Reasons Why Philadelphia Eagles Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII

Philadelphia Eagles
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After beating NFC East foes Dallas Cowboys in a Week 17 must-win game, the Philadelphia Eagles are flying high. In a year, Philadelphia has gone from a 4-12 team to a 10-6 NFC East Champion holding the third seed on the NFC side. This has been due to Chip Kelly's high-paced offense and a slew of offensive and defensive threats.

With new coaches and personnel on the defensive side, many were non-committal to the team's success. However, the Eagles' defense, especially the defensive line, has been a force to be reckoned with in 2013 and that should continue through the 2014 NFL Playoffs. As a result of a defensive line that successfully pressures, the secondary has been able to find interceptions.

Offensively, second-year QB Nick Foles caught the nation's attention. While drama over whether he or Mike Vick should start began to dominate the media, Kelly quickly put a stop to it. Foles was the starter while Vick was injured, and rightfully continued through the rest of the season.

The 2013 Eagles season has brought the playoffs back to town quicker than many thought. The Foles-LeSean McCoy duo has led to a very historic and successful date. As the playoffs approach this weekend, the Eagles have the potential to march throughout the playoffs en route to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Take a look at five reasons why the Eagles will advance through the playoff bracket into the Super Bowl and come away with come away victorious this time around.

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5. Momentum Is On Eagles Side

Chip Kelly
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The Eagles are coming into the playoffs with momentum on their side. Winning seven of the last eight, the Eagles moved themselves from hoping to making the playoffs to securing a playoff berth. With this winning momentum, they are confident and playing close to their best.

In their first game, the Eagles will be home in front of their crazy, loud fans. This will only push the Eagles more as they take on the Saints. If they can secure a win in the Wild Card round, the Eagles' momentum will continue on. They are coming into the playoffs on a hot-streak that does not show any signs of cooling off anytime soon.

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4. Mutiple Receiving Threats

wide receivers
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The Eagles have multiple threats in their passing game. If DeSean Jackson is double teamed, Foles throws it to another receiver like Riley Cooper. In addition, Foles can throw it deep or successfully complete 10 yards through a screen pass.

If it's hard enough to guard multiple threats, it's even harder guarding the Eagles. Their no-huddle prevents opposing defensive players to sub off and gets them tired faster. As a result, they are able to burn past opposing secondaries and complete big plays.

The Eagles have six receivers with at least two touchdowns and 400 yards this season. While many doubted Kelly's fast-paced offense could work in the NFL, he has proven them wrong.

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3. Threatening Defensive Pressure

Philadelphia Eagles Defense
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While the offense has many threats, so does the Eagles' defense. One of those areas is the defensive line and linebacker core. Nate Allen leads the team with eight sacks and 11 other players have at least one sack. When they aren't sacking the opposing quarterback, they are pressuring them and forcing bad throws. This leads to incomplete passes and interceptions.

On the season, the Eagles have 19 interceptions with eight players having at least one interceptions. Brandon Boykin has shined and leads the team with six.

With the Eagles' defense doing work and successfully preventing their opponents from scoring, less pressure is put on Nick Foles and the offense.

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2. Nick Foles

Nick Foles
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Nick Foles has had a successful season to say the least. He has been great throwing 27 touchdowns, collecting 2,891 yards and a passer rating of 119.2, while only throwing two interceptions. Because of this, Foles has been the x-factor for the Eagles, and will be through the playoffs.

With being in his first playoffs, nerves might become a factor for the quarterback. However, there is no reason to be nervous. He needs to just stay cool, calm and collected and play his game. The playoffs aren't the first time this season that Foles and the Eagles were in a must-win situation.

If Foles continues to find receivers in tight spaces and connects with his open teammates, then the Eagles should have no trouble advancing and winning this year's Super Bowl.

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1. LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy
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The last reason why the Philadelphia Eagles will win Super Bowl XLVIII is because of RB LeSean McCoy. The rushing title leader has found tight gaps at the line and burst forward for big gains. Additionally, McCoy has been a big part to the Eagles' passing game.

This year, McCoy ran for 1,607 yards and nine touchdowns, while averaging 5.1 yards per touch. McCoy's stats and career-high yards is one reason the Eagles made the playoffs. When the defense has a good pass defense, the Eagles run the ball more. By running the ball more, it makes the defense plan for a run, which then allows Foles to be successful through the air.

The opponents get tougher in the playoffs, but that does not mean McCoy can't continue to succeed. Another reason McCoy has succeeded this year is because of the consistent Eagles offensive lineup.

On Saturday, McCoy's brilliant season will continue as the Philadelphia Eagles make the journey toward Super Bowl XLVIII.

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