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5 Reasons Muhammad Wilkerson Deserved More Votes For The 2014 Pro Bowl

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5 Reasons Muhammad Wilkerson Deserved More Votes For The 2014 Pro Bowl

Muhammad Wilkerson
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Muhammad Wilkerson broke onto the scene in a big way this season. After an up and down rookie campaign, he solidified himself as the anchor of the defense for the New York Jets this year. A year like that should have earned him a spot on the NFL Pro Bowl roster, but instead Wilkerson finds himself watching and waiting for a chance to be among the league’s best in Hawaii this winter.

The Pro Bowl is a joke. The voting is a joke, and the game is an even bigger one. The players don’t want to actually play in the game, and most actually either fake an injury to get out of it or just go through the motions when they’re out there. They don’t want to risk injury or the indignation of actually trying and getting beat in a game that doesn’t count for anything.

In reality, having an exhibition football game is a mistake in and of itself. You just can’t play football at anything but full speed, and asking these guys to go full speed in a meaningless game after months and months of grueling competition is a fruitless request. But even if the game itself doesn’t mean anything, the honor of being selected sure does.

And Wilkerson deserved that honor this year. He was one of the most disruptive players on a defense that somehow dragged an otherwise putrid team to an 8-8 record. Just by that alone there must be at least one player on the Jets’ defense that deserves a spot on the AFC squad.

These are the five reasons why Muhammad Wilkerson deserved more Pro Bowl votes.

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5. He Can Stuff The Run

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Wilkerson is big, strong and quick at the same time -- everything you want out of a run stopper in today's league. The Jets finished third in the league against the run, and Wilkerson was the biggest reason why.

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4. His Stats Don't Tell The Whole Story

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Wilkerson anchors the Jets' 4-3 scheme from the defensive end position. Often, he can dominate games by drawing double teams and freeing up his teammates to make plays.

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3. He Was Named The Jets' MVP

Jets MVP
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Wilkerson was chosen as the Jets' MVP this season. Alright, I know that's kind of like being the best looking guy at the singles table, but it still has to count for something, right?

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2. He's A Young Player On The Rise

On The Rise
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Far too often the Pro Bowl slots go to players who earned the free vacation years ago. Wilkerson was among the top defenders in the league this season, and he is one of the young bright spots for the NFL.

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1. He Gets To The Quarterback

Gets To The Quarterback
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Defense begins and ends with stopping the pass, and Wilkerson excels at getting to the quarterback. With 10.5 sacks this year, he was among the best in the AFC at harassing the opposing passer this season.