Can Chip Kelly Lead The Philadelphia Eagles To The Promised Land?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This Philadelphia Eagles team is on a roll right now as winners of six of their last seven ball games. Chip Kelly is doing some unprecedented things on offense in his first season.

Consider this: The Eagles set franchise records on offense in Kelly’s first season with 442 points, 6,676 net yards, and 53 total touchdowns. That’s incredible stuff from the first year offensive guru. It is time to officially put the talk to bed that Kelly’s offense can’t work in pros.

It has worked and then some. In many ways Kelly has set a trend. Sure he has incorporated pro concepts, but he’s doing it with deception and a pace that is unmatched in the league. He is showing why Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman, and the rest of the Eagles’ brass really coveted him this past offseason.

Kelly has a rare knack for feeling out a game and calling the right play at the right time to exploit a defense. He has done it all season. The sports science stuff also seems to be working to a tee.

Right now the Eagles are the healthiest team heading into the playoffs. They have had no significant injuries all year for the first time in a long time. Do you think is one big coincidence? Absolutely not.

His cutting edge nutritional program and sports science concepts have clearly worked for this young team. The bigger question is how far can Kelly take this team in his first year at the helm?

I don’t see why this team can’t make a run. They are well coached, have a dominant running game, have play makers all over the field in the passing game, and an extremely hot quarterback.

The defense has also been opportunistic in creating turnovers and finishing off games. This team will be one tough out in the NFC. Kelly has already made his mark on the league in his first season so where he goes from here is all gravy.

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