Houston Texans Get Change of Pace They Need With Bill O'Brien

By Andrew Fisher
Bill O'Brien
Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Things didn’t exactly go as planned for the Houston Texans in 2013. After making the playoffs in each of the last two seasons, 2013 was supposed to be a ‘next step’ type of season in Houston. After starting 2-0, the wheels absolutely fell off. The Texans dropped 14 straight to end the season and head coach Gary Kubiak became a casualty along the way. But with the new year, will come the change of pace that the franchise desperately needs – Bill O’Brien will return to the NFL to become the team’s new head coach.

O’Brien will leave Penn State after two successful seasons to take over the reins in Houston. He was reportedly the top college coach candidate this year, with many teams rumored to be interested in him. But before he could really make his rounds, the Texans swiped him up and they’ll now start a much needed new chapter.

The quickness in which a deal was reached between the two sides really speaks volumes. It means that the interest was very mutual and that both sides must be on the same page. O’Brien is known as an offensive coach, so you have to think all the weapons at his disposal in Houston were a huge selling point.

Kubiak did a lot great things for the Texans franchise, but it was clear that his time was up. He got them to the next tier of the league and now it’s time for O’Brien to come in and re-energize a roster that’s pretty full of talent.

One thing is for sure about O’Brien to the Texans – several other teams in need of new coaches are seriously bummed.

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