Jimmy Haslam Will Turn The Cleveland Browns Into a Winner

By kennethbrown
Robert Deutsch- USA TODAY Sports

When Jimmy Haslam purchased the Cleveland Browns a little over a year ago, fans were full of excitement. Many could sense the hunger, passion and urgency that Mr. Haslam had to turn his newly purchased team in to a Super Bowl contender. He is at the center of a lot of scrutiny at the moment after his backing of the firing of first-year coach Rob Chudzinski, but Haslam wants to win. He knows what it takes to be successful, so if he knew Chudzinski wasn’t the man why shouldn’t he make the move to better his team?

When discussing the firing with the media Haslam was quick to point out that this wasn’t a joke and this move was a very, very expensive one for him and his team. Even though owners like Jimmy have millions to spend and it sometimes seems like it’s monopoly money, he doesn’t want to spend money on pointless firings that only hold his team back by another year. The Browns’ fans need to relax and give Haslam a chance. He is new to this, but he cares and deserves a chance. There’s more hope under this ownership than the previous regime.

Haslam suggested all he wanted was to see the team improve over the course of the season, so inevitably he was alarmed when his team went backwards and found new struggles each and every week. This may be one of the riskiest decisions he has ever had to make, but it was one he, and a lot of other people, felt had to be made if the Browns were to improve in the rapid fashion they desire. After all, this current team had only four wins, but five players made the Pro Bowl roster. This suggests the roster is talented but is not being coached effectively.

With many leading contenders there seems no clear indicator of who will take over as the next Browns’ coach, but if the right man is selected Haslam will look a very smart man and win the trust of the fans. However, if this coach is another one-year coach, the Browns’ fans will lose patience quicker than you’d imagine. You’ve got the decision to make and Cleveland respects that, but you can’t mess this one up, Jimmy.

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