San Diego Chargers Linebacker Thomas Keiser Causes Distraction With Arrest

By Erwin Mendoza
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers linebacker Thomas Keiser was arrested on Sunday hours after their victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

After Sunday’s emotional win, Keiser took to the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego to celebrate and drink with friends. Drinking in moderation isn’t bad, but drunk fighting is. The details are still developing according to SDPD and the U-T San Diego.

Keiser took their game victory too seriously as he ended up in jail. Think about it. In a matter of hours he was playing a professional football game where he and the Chargers pulled off a miraculous win to being behind bars all because of a fight.

The bail was set at $8,000 and he was released some time on Monday.

Keiser’s arrest overshadows his work with the Chargers this season. His 4.5 sacks are third on the team, and his playing time has increased due to injuries at the linebacker position.

There are many rules of game week, but one of them is don’t become a distraction. In this case, don’t lead the week going into a game with an off-field issue.

Issues like this aren’t new stories to the Chargers. Former Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson was pulled over on game day in 2010 against the New York Jets for expired tags and driving with a suspended license. Jackson was in handcuffs before being let go and hitching a ride with Philip Rivers.

At least Keiser’s wasn’t before game day, right?

There’s no comparison in skill level of Jackson and Keiser, but when it comes to bone headed moves they’re on the same page—the front page.

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