Watch This Hilarious Video of the Craziest Philadelphia Eagles Fan You May Ever See

By Dan Parzych

After an exciting 24-22 win over the Dallas Cowboys to clinch the NFC East, there’s plenty of reason to be excited in the City of Brotherly Love as the Philadelphia Eagles earned a spot in the postseason against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday night. While the streets of Philadelphia were flooded with thousands of fans throughout Sunday night, it’s safe to say nobody was as excited over the Eagles defeating Dallas to clinch the division as the fan in the video above.

This city has seen plenty of crazy fans over the years, but nothing tops this fan’s reaction to the Eagles big win during an interview with a local news station shortly after Sunday’s game came to an end. Not only is this fan talking at an extremely high speed due to excitement over the big win (along with a SICK rap song about the Eagles), but he even took his fan hood to a whole new level by creating his own NFC East Champions shirt for the Eagles–which is simply awesome.

If this fan showed this much excitement over Sunday’s win over the Cowboys, just imagine what he may have in store if the Eagles can manage to win against the Saints on Saturday. One of the best parts about sports is seeing just how crazy fans can get over their beloved teams, so from all of in Philadelphia–a special thanks to this guy for showing the world just how passionate Eagles fans can be.

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