Baltimore Ravens Fans Will be Relieved in Jim Caldwell's Projected Departure

By Jermaine Lockett
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Should Baltimore Ravens’ fans look at the possible departure of offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell as a gift or a curse?  I think it is a gift.  Baltimore’s offense wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders this past season.  What baffles me is being that the O was horrible, you would think no one would even offer a job to Caldwell this season, yet two teams are inviting him to town.  What is the world coming to when poor performance pays?

Caldwell is rumored to have scheduled visits with the Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins for a head coaching job.  Now I admit, I’m still a bit hot about the early end to the Ravens’ season but credit has to be given to Caldwell for his coaching career history.  He has two rings; one with the Ravens in 2012 and the other with the Indianapolis Colts in 2007.  Caldwell also made one other Super Bowl appearance, but lost to the New Orleans Saints in 2009.

Now, on the other hand, without superior quarterback play Caldwell is also the reason the Colts had the first overall pick two years ago that landed them Andrew Luck.  He may have not had to seriously coach a QB until he got his hands on Joe Flacco last year.  While that actually turned out well, this year he is partially to blame for the pause in Flacco’s progress.

Hopefully either the Redskins or the Lions pull the trigger and hire Caldwell and give the Ravens a change of scenery on the sideline when concerning the offensive side of the ball.  If Caldwell doesn’t get picked up and decides to stay in Baltimore, look for the Ravens to have more of the same vanilla offensive plays.

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