Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Makes More Mistakes With Coaching Decisions

By Jeric Griffin
Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin talks with owner Jerry Jones
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Some things just never change. After a third straight 8-8 season that ended with a loss in a division title game, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is once again sticking with the status quo. While other NFL teams ridded themselves of incompetent head coaches on Black Monday, Jones took the opportunity to express his continued moronic confidence in Jason Garrett. But that’s not all — Jones also said he’s still undecided on the futures of Cowboys offensive and defensive coordinators, Bill Callahan and Monte Kiffin. That last sentence presents about three problems in one.

Garrett is not capable of leading an NFL team into the postseason. Granted, he doesn’t really have a fighting chance considering he works for a meddling owner/general manager like Jones, but his decision-making before, during and after games is pathetic. Icing his own kicker, calling three-yard outs on third-and-long and running the ball seven times in the second half with a 23-point lead are just three of a list of examples that should seal his fate, yet he will remain on board to lead the Cowboys to at least one more year of mediocrity. Maybe Jones has finally realized no competent coach will work for him, so he’s just biting the bullet. No, wait, never mind he’s not nearly smart enough to see he’s the problem.

Now the situations with Callahan and Kiffin are unique because the former had to be at least a little influenced by Garrett, who has the itchiest trigger finger of any play-caller in NFL history. When he was calling the Cowboys’ offensive plays from 2007 through 2012, the team never ran the ball, which resulted in a lot of second-half collapses. The same was true in 2013 with Callahan calling the plays, so one has to wonder how much fault truly rests on the the offensive coordinator’s shoulders.

Kiffin is entirely to blame for the defensive struggles in 2013. Even Jones realized one of the main problems and called Kiffin out for it publicly, which resulted in a slight improvement in the final quarter of the season. But even though Jones made that “correct” call, it shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place; Rob Ryan never should have been fired and Dallas never should have switched to the Tampa 2 cover scheme. The switch to the 4-3 was a lateral move considering the Cowboys had built a unit with 3-4 personnel for nearly a decade, but hindrances like DeMarcus Ware’s lack of pass coverage skills made it somewhat feasible. But the zone coverage scheme was asinine.

So now Dallas could be in exactly the same boat in 2014 with a horrendous salary cap situation and a 33-year-old quarterback who is coming off herniated disc surgery, which is pretty severe if you didn’t already know. Does this sound like a team set to break the .500 mark for the first time in Garrett’s tenure as head coach? Didn’t think so.

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