Tampa Bay Buccaneers Get it Right With Hiring of Lovie Smith

By Andrew Fisher
Lovie Smith Houston Texans
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

After a short period without a head coach, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have found their new man. Lovie Smith has reportedly signed on with the team and a new era in Tampa is set to begin.

The last era in Tampa was certainly a forgettable one under Greg Schiano. The former college coach was shown the door this past Monday, in a move that many had been predicting for weeks. Even before Schiano was officially gone, Smith’s name had come up as the top candidate to replace him. But once rumors of the Detroit Lions also being interested in Smith emerged, the Bucs cut to the chase and inked him to a deal.

So the all important question – is Smith the right man for the job?

Given his experience as a head coach in the NFL (84-66 career record) and his familiarity with Tampa, I feel that the answer is a resounding yes. Especially, when you consider the other potential coaches at the Bucs’ disposal. Many teams are in search of new head coaches and Smith was no doubt at the top of the list of available candidates.

Smith will bring his defensive mindset back to Tampa, which is great news for a unit that was middle of the pack in 2013. With plenty of talent on the roster to work with, it’s not unrealistic to think that Smith could turn things around right away in 2014. We all saw this year how wide open the NFC was, and the Bucs really aren’t that far away from being back in playoff contention.

Lovie Smith is going be a member of the Bucs for the second time in his coaching career, and fans should no doubt be excited about the future.

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