Miami Dolphins Rumors: If Joe Philbin Backs Mike Sherman Then Stephen Ross Should Fire Both

By Danny Williams
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret the end of the Miami Dolphins‘ 2013 season was a failure that made you hang your head in shame. The entire team choked down the stretch, being outscored 39-7 by two of their division rivals — the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills — while also giving up over 300 yards in two games that would have put them in the playoffs.

While the defense was awful, the offense is what is being focused on. Stephen Ross reportedly wants change to the offensive staff which was responsible for scoring only seven points in two of the most important games of the year on top of being ranked 26th or below in all major offensive statistics except for passing yards per game (20th).

Mike Sherman is the man being led to the gallows for having orchestrated this struggling offense. Sherman’s gameplan lacked enough simple plays such as screens to the running backs and quick running plays to avoid tackles for losses which were far too common. The players’ execution was not always perfect (or even good) which hurt the offense. Sherman sometimes had his hands tied behind his back due to his personnel, but his belief in his system kept him from calling plays to his players’ strengths. That is a problem.

Joe Philbin, who reportedly has final say on his coaching staff, will not part easily with his old friend, mentor and teacher. Philbin has made stubbornness his trademark, and if he is unwilling to coach without Sherman then Ross needs to show them both the door.

While experimenting with unknown coaches is not an ideal situation, inflexibility is a quality that a coach cannot posses in this game where adapting is so important.

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