What Kind of Coach Do The Washington Redskins Need?

By Brian Skinnell
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

They are only a few days into their search, but the Washington Redskins have already interviewed a few intriguing candidates. The list includes both offensive and defensive coordinators, and there is talk of a special teams coach possibly receiving a visit. They have a nice mix and the question now becomes what kind of coach do they need?

To start, let’s discuss personal characteristics. Washington needs a coach that is patient, yet urgent. They need a coach that is stern, yet compassionate. He has to be able to work with the always stressful Dan Snyder but needs to also be able to stay focused on the task at hand. Snyder will be meddling, so the new coach will need to able to live with that — which is something most can’t.

Most importantly, the new coach has to get along with Robert Griffin III. We’ve already seen what happens when the quarterback doesn’t get along with the coach (i.e. Mike Shanahan), so the new one needs to gel with Griffin and it needs to be quickly. This offseason is very important to the future of the franchise as it could be one that makes or breaks Griffin’s career. If the head coach and quarterback end up having a rough offseason together, it doesn’t bode well for 2014.

Aside from the personal characteristics, the coach also needs to have a background in defense. Offensively, the Redskins have some real good things going. They have their franchise quarterback, an anchor on the offensive line, a workhorse running back and a big-time wide receiver. On defense, they have next to nothing. The new guy needs to be able to overhaul the defense and create something out of nothing.

According to some it appears as though the Redskins are going after an offensive-minded coach in order to make Robert Griffin III reach his potential. However, it’s actually a defensive-minded coach that they need. There aren’t very many coaching candidates that actually want to work for Dan Snyder because of the historically toxic work environment. So, it’s imperative that they find a patient, yet stern person to fill in for Mike Shanahan.

Is there a coach out there that can fit all of these parameters? Probably not. However, they should at least handle what they can control and find a defensive-minded coach to fix that side of the ball. Will they? You’re guess is as good as mine. As of right now there are strong feelings against them going with a defensive-minded coach even if that is what they need.

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