Houston Texans Rumors: Owner May Trade No. 1 Pick, Draft Johnny Manziel

By Ryan Heckman

Now that the Houston Texans are into the first few days of their 2014 offseason, the question arises: Who will they draft with the number one overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft? There are plenty of tempting prospects. However, like many teams have contemplated in the past, Houston is open to trading out of the pick in effort to stockpile later choices.

Texans owner Bob McNair said on Friday that he would be open to trading the first selection in the draft.

“Maybe we’ll trade down and still get a quarterback that can do the job and get an outstanding defensive player,” McNair said, according to ESPN. “It’s an exciting time. Everything’s a moving target. Lot of different pieces.”

With McNair’s comments, one can assume a few things. First of all, if the Texans do indeed trade the pick, it is not likely they trade out of the top 10. The number one pick holds an immense amount of value. For a team that would give up a couple of picks to get a guy like Teddy Bridgewater, who most assume will go number one, that particular franchise may be more than willing to deal with Houston.

That potential trade suitor, though, would have to be in the top 10. It would be foolish to think the Texans would even consider trading outside of the top 10, so that leaves us with one more assumption.

If Bridgewater is gone by the time the Texans pick — assuming Houston trades the number one overall selection — and McNair is looking to pick up a franchise quarterback, the logical option would be Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. Most would agree Manziel is the second-best quarterback in the draft, and is ranked in the majority of top-10 mocks out there. It’s not like Manziel is unfamiliar with the state of Texas, either. It may just make sense to stay close to home.

If not Manziel, would Blake Bortles or Derek Carr be worth the reach inside the top 10? Probably not. Therefore, if Houston wants a quarterback and is willing to trade their first overall pick, it’s likely they end up with Manziel. If they elect to draft defense with the pick they receive in return of a potential trade, then Bortles and Carr may make some sense at that point. Either way, Houston appears ready to make a deal happen if they like what they see.

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Houston Texans Should Trade Number 1 Overall Pick

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