Green Bay Packers: Potential Free Agency Targets

By Baxter Colburn
Ted Thompson
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It is understood that the Green Bay Packers‘ season is not over yet, but with the end just around the corner, the Packers should start looking toward rebuilding for next season. Almost every Green Bay fan thinks one of two ways when it comes to free agency.

1. “We need help, which can be found in free agency and the draft is not going to solve all are problems! Ted Thompson is stupid for never spending money on new players!” Or 2. “We are are proud to be one of the only teams in the NFL that has homegrown players; we draft players and build them up. We don’t need free agency, thank goodness that Thompson does not spend money on free agents.” How many Packer fans know what I am talking about?

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard both of these arguments when it comes to this topic. It can be extremely frustrating and make you want to find Thompson and possibly slap him, but thankfully no one has ever done that. Imagine with me for a minute, that Thompson actually wants to spend some money in free agency … crazy talk, I know, but it could happen one day. So, we have Thompson actually wanting to spend money, now the question arises, “who should the Packers buy?” Allow me to give you a few potential targets.

Everyone remembers all of the heartache that went along with Aaron Rodgers getting hurt in the middle of the season and all the drama that went along with that. Why not find a solid backup quarterback either in the draft of free agency. The only valuable target for being a backup is Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Sure, he is 33, but Vick still has flashes of his younger days. All this signing would be is to make sure that if Rodgers goes down again, Green Bay has an experienced player to keep the team going.

Here me out on this next part, especially with James Starks becoming a free agent this coming offseason. Eddie Lacy is definitely the Packers future when it comes to the running game, but if Green Bay decides not to bring Starks back, there are three very interesting players available. Maurice Jones-Drew, Toby Gerhart and Darren McFadden all will be looking for new places to call home next season, why not bring one of them in and create one of the best two-back systems in the NFL? All three players still have several seasons left in them, but have never been on a quality team, Green Bay would be perfect. Lacy is the future, but with his small, recurring injuries continuously causing issues, why not have a strong second option?

Something that may be news to some Packers fans, James Jones will be a free agent this off-season. It is just something to consider, but let Jones go to a new team, and try to capture free agents like Eric Decker, Golden Tate or Jeremy Maclin. These three receivers are all capable of expanding the Packers already potent offense into an even bigger threat for opposing defenses. Decker, more than any other receiver, will want to land on a team where he will have an elite quarterback throwing him the ball. Tate and Maclin just want to make big plays happen no matter who they have throwing them the ball. Things to think about, but not impossible targets to say the least.

On the defensive side of the ball, names like defensive lineman, Jared Allen, Justin Tuck and Jason Hatcher could all finally give the Packers the pass-rushing or run-stopping options they lack. Brian Orakpo, Karlos Dansby and Jon Beason could all provide help on the banged-up group of linebackers that never can stay healthy. The secondary is in the most need for serious help, though, especially at the safety position. Valuable players available are Jarius Bryd and Donte Whitner. For corner backs, Brent Grimes and Vontae Davis would finally give the Packers a true shutdown corner.

The NFL free agent market is loaded with numerous players that could easily repair multiple holes in the Packers’ offense and defense. Because of his buying history, it can be assumed, though, that Thompson will not make any moves. On the off chance he does, there are players that will significantly help in the long run.

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