Wild Card Weekend Picks Against The Spread

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Wild Card Picks

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The NFL season is over, and the postseason is ready to begin. After one of the wildest Week 17s in the history of the NFL we are finally ready to start the road to the Super Bowl in New Jersey.

The first weekend of the playoffs saw the Super Bowl Champion for the past three seasons playing. That doesn't sound like much, but it is when you remember that the four best teams have the week off. This is where eight of the 12 teams look to gain momentum on the top teams. You remember just last season this is where Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens started their journey to becoming champions.

This Wild Card weekend features three matchups that we saw already this season. It features only one quarterback that has never played in the playoffs but three who are looking for their first wins. The five quarterbacks beyond them have a plethora of experience. Two of them have won a Super Bowl, while the other three have all played in at least one conference championship game.

Beyond the quarterbacks, these are mostly veteran laden teams. Four of the coaches have coached in the Super Bowl, whether for their current team or another one. Five of the top ten offensive teams are playing this weekend. Five of the eight teams are ranked 20th or worse in total defense which should make for an interesting weekend.

The next slide will go over how the year went for yours truly in regards to picks.

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2013 Season In Review

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This year in the NFL has had many ups and downs. There were teams that came out of nowhere (for example: Carolina Panthers and Kansas City Chiefs) and other teams that utterly disappointed (the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans are the obvious choices). There were still 18 teams with a chance at glory at the start of Week 17, and that number has finally been lowered to 12. Last week was not easy to guess. There were some surprises, and as usual, some really crazy games. I cannot say I am upset with how the year went as far as the picks. Hopefully you all felt the same. Good luck to everyone betting in the postseason.

Last Week: 9-7

2013 Season: 135-118-2

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Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts (-2.5)

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If this matchup seems like a little deja vu that's because it happened two weeks ago. The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 23-7. Although that score is telling, hopefully Andy Reid learned from it. Jamaal Charles is the team's best weapon, and the Colts rank 21st against the run. This will be a much better matchup, but I still see the Colts coming out as a winner here. This was a great comeback season for the Chiefs, but they will end up falling to Andrew Luck as he gets his first ever postseason win.

Kansas City 24 Indianapolis 27

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New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5)

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Drew Brees and Nick Foles are on different sides of their respective quarterback careers. Foles is just starting his and has taken the NFL world by storm with a great season while Brees is the veteran who is on the cusp of the twilight of his career and is trying to win it all again before he runs out of time. The headlines will go to the QBs, but it will be the defense that helps decide who wins. Despite the New Orleans Saints' road record, their defense will lead them to the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

New Orleans 35 Philadelphia 25

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San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals (-7.5)

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From what we saw this weekend, what more can you say about the San Diego Chargers' playoff berth than they were lucky. They saw the Ravens and Miami Dolphins blow their chance while they had a chance to play the backups on the Chiefs, and they still needed a blown call by the officials to win in overtime. Also, the elements have a lot to do with the large line. Still, this Chargers team is extremely feisty. They have won games they weren't supposed to win. They will keep this game close but will fall short at the end.

San Diego 21 Cincinnati 24

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San Francisco 49ers (-3.5) at Green Bay Packers

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This is basically booked as the San Francisco 49ers against Aaron Rodgers. I don't want to be the person betting against Rodgers, but I really want to be the person betting against this Green Bay Packers defense. With the Pack fully healthy for probably the first time all season, the last time these two played in Week 1 everyone was healthy then. The 49ers won that game by a score of 34-28. I don't think Colin Kaepernick will have quite the same game, but I do believe that the result will be the same. Even with the points and the record cold that is supposedly coming, take the 49ers.

San Francisco 29 Green Bay 21