Baltimore Ravens: What to do with Terrell Suggs?

By jeffreykryglik
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Terrell Suggs played his way out of the Defensive Player of the Year award with his putrid second-half performances in 2013, and may have played his way out of the Baltimore Ravens organization.

A total of 20 tackles and one sack over the final eight games of the 2013 regular season is all he got. For a guy who is viewed as one of the best players on this defense and one of the team’s leaders, he certainly didn’t lead by example when his team needed him most.

But fans shouldn’t be too surprised at this. It’s not a knock on Suggs, he’s just always been a streaky player. However, at age 31 as he likely heads on the downward slope of his illustrious career, is he really giving the Ravens the most bang for their buck?

Sure, you can partially attribute his disappearance to Elvis Dumervil‘s injury issues, playing struggles and the entire front seven taking a few steps backward after the Pittsburgh game, but if he truly is a top-notch pass-rushing specialist it wouldn’t matter.

So should the Ravens part ways with No. 55?

He is owed $7.8 million next season. That’s a lot of cap space freed up for a team that has multiple holes that must be addressed. Only Haloti Ngata — $8.5 million salary in 2014 — is owed more dough, and he wasn’t exactly lighting up the stat sheet or raising any eyebrows with his play this season either.

My guess is he will stay in town, but should he take a reduced rate? If Suggs wants to win as bad as he claims, he will do so. However, I cannot ever fault a guy for going for as much money as possible in any professional sport, as the window of opportunity to make life-changing amounts of money is so minute.

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