Green Bay Packers: Dom Capers Must Be Fired After Loss to San Francisco 49ers

He did it again. Colin Kaepernick did it yet again — he beat the Green Bay Packers for the second time this season and for the second straight year in the playoffs. The San Francisco 49ers appear invincible against Green Bay just as long as Kaepernick is under center. In a very close game throughout, the 49ers came away with a wildcard win on the leg of kicker Phil Dawson’s 33-yard field goal as time expired.

The Packers’ defense knew what they were getting into. Kaepernick ran for nearly 200 yards a year ago against the Packers in the playoffs, and once again he used his legs to make big plays on Sunday. Kaepernick finished the game with 98 yards rushing on just seven carries including double-digit runs of 11, 24 and 42 yards.

Kaepernick’s ability to shred the Packers’ defense at will proves that defensive coordinator Dom Capers did not do a good enough job preparing for this contest. The Packers couldn’t stop the run to begin with, but the plays that Kaepernick made Sunday night proved an enormous weakness within the group. Sure, injuries played a part in the Packers’ season defensively. But, Capers has consistently made bad play calls and has not been able to get the most out of a rather talented group featuring playmakers like A.J. Hawk and Tramon Williams.

Capers failed to get a stop on the 49ers in the last four minutes of the game, leading up to the final game-winning field goal and not allowing Aaron Rodgers back on the field for one more drive. One of the biggest knocks on Capers Sunday was how often he rushed four against a quarterback like Kaepernick, and the fact that he didn’t use a spy. Capers basically begged for Kaepernick to beat the Packers — and he did.

There are countless Packer fans out there who have been screaming for Capers to be fired for quite some time. In fact, there was even a Twitter account created with the title, “Fire Dom Capers.” Many fans know that their defense has been horrendous for three straight seasons and believe it is time for a change.

To put it generously, Capers needs to go. The fans are right. It is time for Green Bay to move on and find a guy that can get the defense up to par and doesn’t rely on Rodgers to save the day. Capers should be on his way out after this season, plain and simple.

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  • jimmyus

    Which of the many McCarthy 3 & Outs were caused by Capers?

    • Liberals Are Morons

      McCarthy’s stupid play calls are largely responsible for some of that action. Did you love his call to have Cobb do a run play at the end? What kind of crap was that?

      McCarthy should be fired if Dom Capers isn’t. Ted Thompson has also let Green Bay devolve into a mediocre team that does the bare minimum to win a division championship in a weak division. He has done this before.

    • Dakota M.

      Plain and simple, we shouldn’t have to rely on Rodgers getting a Touchdown on every offensive drive in order to win. One big reason the Packers even won two games while Rodgers was out was the fact they could generate enough turnovers to cover for the downright horrendous play of Wallace, Tolzien, and Flynn. Suddenly Rodgers returns and the Defense goes back to missing tackles and standing around as guys run right past them.

      There’s at least seven D-Coordinators out there looking for work right now, and others that would likely love to jump to a Playoff contending team like Green Bay. This move is long overdue and three years is long enough to let Capers try and fix the defense.

      • jimmyus

        Maybe not a touchdown on every drive, how about more then 6 yards in the first quarter, or a first down or two?

  • Stuart

    Mike McCarthy should pack his bags and head out of town together with Capers and Clay Mathews. McCarthy did not even look like he was interested in the game. His use of the clock sucks. I don’t think they spent 5 minutes preparing for this game. The cold seem to effect the Packer’s and did not phase 49er’s. And Clay…for the kind of money he is getting, I say amputate his F’n thumb and stick it up his ass. He’s become an overpayed pussy.

    • Kevin Beese

      dont break your ankle jumping off the bandwagon, there is much more i could say to you about McCarthy keeping his job, and about it being a hard season, and this team doing everything they could to keep in going, but in the end we had a lot of players getting hurt and sure, it was a missed opportunity, but in the long run, I’d like to see the team get healthy, get some better d, and shut up every single fan like you that watches a team and then after a loss just complains about it and blaming it on every single person involved. In the end, McCarthy did what he could this year, Capers is still as bad as he was in Pittsburgh. And I don’t know if youve ever hurt yourself while playing sports, but i have, its easy to re-injure something so easily. STFU go root for the seahawks with everyone else

      • Captain Hindsight

        Fair weather fans are joke…Fans cried for Flynn to come back, he does and has a few alright games (People expected perfection from him) he has some bad calls, and makes up with a few good looks and gets the W…All the while fair weather fans crying for him GTFO but when he does good they “Love” Flynn(Packers FB page is rampant with fair weather tools), Half the packers fan base is a fuking joke…(see stuarts post) fire clay and McCarthy?? Dom…well I wouldn’t mind if Dom went away, we got the talent on D just got to get someone to make them utilize it.

      • Stuart

        Kevin you sound like a young child, maybe even related to McCarthy. I’ve been a shareholder since the 70′s, I’m just honest enough to admit we have a poor chemistry with the coaching. It’s McCarthy responsibility to be sure the team is prepared as well as it can with the talent and injuries. The Super Bowl in Dallas we had 17 starters on I. R. and Driver went down during the game as well, but they were prepared. On Sunday there was never any not one adjustment on defense or offense. The Team looked pathetic and that is blamed on coaching and preperation. With that said you can ride your own bandwagon back to kindergarten.

        • justin lecroy

          You are a complete idiot. I understand wanting Capers gone. He’s had a great career but I think he’s just gotten old and outdated. But wanting Matthews and McCarthy gone. Are you serious? Who the hell do you think is going to come and be better? The fact he won SB with 17 starters shows how good he is. If Rodgers wouldn’t have been hurt they would’ve been in run for 1 seed. I think Rodgers was still rusty missing so long. Also he was playing timid holding ball too long and when he had open lanes to run he didn’t take it. He’s made PO every year except 1 and 3 season. He won 4 division titles 3 in a row. Unless you get Bellichik who do you think is better? He also made the decision to stick with Rodgers over Favre. Teams would line up to hire him. Matthews is one of the best when healthy. If you’re not cleared you don’t go moron. You’re a spoiled ass ungrateful bandwagon fan.

    • MrsLJStark

      I completely disagree with Stuart. Clay Matthews should go? For re-injuring his thumb? Football is an aggressive and physical sport. Injuries happen. As for Dom, he SHOULD go. The defense, even in healthier times, has been sloppy. I was watching the game, yelling to watch out for a pass to Crabtree or for Kaepernick to run, and that’s EXACTLY what would happen. If I can sense and see it from the TV, Capers should most definitely see it. Those are the two biggest threats from the 49ers. Capers should have prepared for it, but he didn’t.

      The Packers are still a good team, but their biggest problems in the past couple years have been a not fully healthy roster, and an inadequate defensive coordinator. McCarthy also needs to stop relying on screen plays every single time as the majority of the time, they wouldn’t work. He’s still a decent coach, but the team needs a revival. They need healthy players and better play calling. Once you get those two things, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Getting rid of Clay Matthews would be a mistake. He’s a fantastic defensive player.

      • Stuart

        You cast the hand take a couple of advil or something stronger. I guarantee that if Kobe Bryant was Clay and it was a win or season over….Kobe will play. Clay has the big contract now and I’m sorry to say has turned into a primadonna. I want the Clay that walked on to USC football team undersized

        • MrsLJStark

          His hand did get a cast. He had the club. He wound up still re-injuring it. He probably even hurt it worse than he did previously. It obviously wasn’t fully healed up, and that’s what he needs. It’s the same reason Rodgers didn’t come back until the very end. They wanted to be sure that his collarbone didn’t get re-injured, because if it had, it probably would have required surgery and an even longer time away from the game.

          They follow advice from the team doctors, and those doctors have their health in mind. You have no idea how Clay or any other hurt player feels. He likely wanted to come back so badly, but a doctor wouldn’t clear him, and the coaching staff pays attention to that.

          So this isn’t about the player being a primadonna. This is a player being smart and listening to the doctor about his condition. Randall Cobb even said about having his leg broken that he thought it was the end of his career. But with enough time to heal up, he came back and did just fine. It’s about letting it heal.

      • Stuart

        I understand what your saying and I appreciate your position. Thanks for commenting and not attacking others positions.

    • thetruth

      He didn’t look interested are you kidding? Get over it they lost the game by three point no reason to burn it down. They lost because of an undisciplined defense.

  • Jeremy

    A.J. Hawk could have stopped the Vernon Davis TD. He was in the position to make a play and decided to try to tackle Davis instead of jumping to block the pass. Too bad Davis was in the end zone at the time. A playmaker should have went to stop the pass and not worry about taking down the player. A.J. is not a playmaker and hasn’t been one since college. As for Dom Capers, his scheme has been great for a long time. He isn’t the one getting beat on the pass routes. He isn’t the one blowing assignments. He isn’t the one not getting off blocks quick enough. He isn’t the one missing tackles.

  • Corey Plath

    How much of this is caper’s fault and how much is our defense? I believe that it is both but not so muh Caper’s. Our defense is the one that has the blown coverages and assignments. Take for example the last run by Kaepernick. Bush should have establish an outside presence but instead went inside opening it up for Kaepernick to get the first down running. There are countless examples that show that the players are messing up rather than the playcalls.

    • nyr4life

      Yo dude, whose in charge of the defense!

  • grampa40

    should’ve ben fired after last years playoff debacle. Maybe stay in house and give the reins to Kevin Greene. A little nastiness can’t hurt

  • Farva55

    As a Bears fan, the Packers easily would have been a different seed (maybe even the 1) if Rodgers didn’t go down this year. However, you can’t continue to lose in the playoffs without someone (whether it be McCarthy or Capers) losing their job.

    Green Bay has a good football team. They’ll be back. Hopefully the Bears can fix their atrocious defense and make this a really good rivalry once again next year.

    I think there’s one thing Bears and Packers can agree on….LOL @ the Detroit Lions.

  • thetruth

    The Packers need to upgrade the D but they shouldn’t be as bad as they are. I would like to see the Packers replace Capers with Wade Phillips. Phillips runs an aggressive single gap/man style 3/4 and is excellent at adjusting it to his players strengths. Under Capers the packers have become a two gap team playing mostly zone and it just doesn’t fit. Either Capers changes or we bring in Phillips.

  • Erich Klett

    My whole thing with Capers is the defensive calls he is making appear to be correct, the players either don’t execute or get confused and miss assignments. The question then becomes is that on the players, the position coaches, Capers, or McCarthy? I am leaning towards thinking they should fire Capers and hope whoever comes in brings his own position coaches with. Players can only hear the same thing from the same for so long before the message becomes stale. If McCarthy is smart he will part ways with Capers to try and freshen things up on defense.

  • Stuart

    Justin are you some kind of dickless motherfu….. that has to attack me versus my opinion. Your just a stupid dick that has know clue how to express themself without making it a personal attack. Go back and read what I said about the SB. I said even with 17 on IR he had his team prepared. That was then and this is now. There was obviously zero preperation and that I put on the head coach. Learn how to express yourself or don’t waste your time responding. I will just delete it without reading.

  • Stuart

    I appreiate what you are saying, however, I’m sticking to my position. There was zero attempt offensively or defensively to adjust to what was happening on the field. I chalk that uo to a lack of preperation. Harbaugh you could see was physically and mentally prepared for this battle. McCarthy looked dumb founded the entire game with no answers. As a 30 plus year shareholder with over 5000 shares all I can say is the organization needs some new hungrier life.

  • Mike

    As a longtime bears fan, even Ill admit the Pack is a great team. Tons of talent and a great QB, But just like the Bears this year there D Coordinator was a joke, Not nearly as bad as the Bears this year but still pretty bad. Not to mention that the Pack just like the Bears were decimated with injuries. No doubt Capers needs to go, but for the pack fans saying that McCarthy needs to go?? Thats just stupid. Even us Bears fans know McCarthy is a great coach and many teams would be damn lucky to have him.

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