Indianapolis Colts: Pat McAfee Tweets Nude Picture of Andrew Luck

By Eric Smith
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If you think you saw enough of Andrew Luck in today’s 45-44 AFC Wild Card victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, you may have missed Indianapolis Colts Punter’s Pat McAfee’s Tweet following the game. After Luck torched the Chiefs for 443 yards through the air, 45 on the ground and five touchdowns, McAfee accidentally tweeted and posted a nude picture of Indianapolis’ star.

“Oh boy.. Half naked Andrew in the back of that last one.. He looked damn good though,” Tweeted McAfee.

He would tweet this a few minutes later, “I feel awful for that Luck photobomb.. Really thankful all his parts were covered.. And now I’m hoping the future HOFer forgives the mistake.”

Luckily, you couldn’t see much of Luck’s private anatomy which is key. I’m sure the second-year quarterback isn’t happy with that photo tweeted out which was later deleted, but he can at least be happy nothing major was shown.

Nevertheless, it makes for a good story and a funny one at that.

McAfee truly didn’t mean to do that and is actually a very funny guy. For those that don’t know, he appears on some mornings on the Bob and Tom Show which is a nationally syndicated morning show on the radio that is based in Indianapolis. He’s quite the character as he’s one of the funniest people on the show.

McAfee is also a darn good kicker as he’s surely going to be re-signed by the Colts in the offseason. He is a free agent but the Colts punter can do kick offs and can kick field goals as well.

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