Roger Goodell Strikes Again, Fines Marshawn Lynch $50,000 On Bogus Rule

By Devin O'Barr
Marshawn Lynch
Steven Bisig – USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has handed out some pretty strange fines over the years, but the one Marshawn Lynch received over the weekend is something that most NFL fans didn’t even know existed. After not talking to the media nearly all season long, Lynch spoke briefly with reporters on Friday and then went on his way like usual. Apparently, Lynch’s season-long avoidance of microphones is a violation of league rules. Thus, the Seattle Seahawks‘ running back was fined $50,000 for his behavior.

Really? A particular player doesn’t want to talk to the media every waking minute, so he deserves to be fined $50,000? That’s sounds a bit harsh in my book. Now, I understand that the NFL is growing the game and all that jazz, yet Lynch’s decision not to talk to the media  isn’t going to make or break the league. In fact, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell‘s priorities are so screwed up that he was more worried about bringing a team to Europe then he was about a certain ex-New England Patriots tight end. No, not Ben Watson.

Moving on, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is also at fault. Sure, Lynch likely knows that if he doesn’t talk to the media he will be fined, but at what point does the head coach step in and say something about the running back not doing any interviews at all?

Either way, this is just another example of Goodell proving himself to be a power-hungry commissioner that could be out of a job in a few short years.

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