Washington Redskins' Dan Snyder Needs To Be Patient With Next Coach

By Tony Tranghese
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins need to be patient with their search for a head coach. Dan Snyder has typically treated the Redskins as a fantasy experiment, and it has failed miserably. I actually thought that when the Redskins hired Mike Shanahan that they were going to let him do what he needed to.

This team is a three-year project. Fans and ownership need to be patient with this team. If Robert Griffin III wasn’t such a diva, I truly believe Shanahan could have turned this team around. The foundation was there.

What happens when the Redskins hire a new coach? RGIII is going to have to learn a new offense. If things don’t go well or if he doesn’t pick up the offense quickly, what happens then? Is it the coach’s fault? Is Snyder going to replace yet another coach? Things don’t happen overnight.

Snyder should know this. He is a businessman. Leadership 101 says that you have to trust your employees and allow them to do their job. No one performs well when there is a constant fear of the unemployment line.

Snyder can hire whoever he wants. He is entitled to that. I can’t tell him to lower his expectations and to be patient. I would just be cautious after the year they just had. He should hire someone he trusts, let them build up the organization, and re-evaluate after three seasons. Maybe with a little patience and some manageable expectations, the talent that is already on this team could surprise some people.

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