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2014 NFL Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Face the Seahawks

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2014 NFL Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why You Don't Want to Face the Seahawks

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The Seattle Seahawks are heading into the playoffs on a roll. They established themselves as a dominant force in the NFC after a 13-3 record where they rolled through practically all comers.

It's no secret that the Seahawks are a force to be reckoned with. The real question is does anyone have the goods to go into that hostile environment and take this powerhouse out? Conventional wisdom says no. The Seahawks have been dominant at home, and when they are on their game they can blow teams out early.

However, as we know in the postseason conventional wisdom is thrown totally out the window. The 49ers usually play the Seahawks tough as an NFC West rival, and much like the Hawks they feature a fierce defense, a dominant running game and an impressive, athletic young quarterback to boot.

The Saints' struggles on the road are well documented, but if Drew Brees gets hot he can win in any venue in the country. The Panthers -- much like their NFC West counterparts -- feature a strong running game, stout defense and dual-threat quarterback coming into his own.

The NFC right now looks wide open, but the Seahawks' bandbox is the ultimate x-factor. I am just not sure I see many teams having the goods to go into that decibel level and win. You can never say never, though. The NFL playoffs feature shocking upsets, twists and turns and jaw dropping moments each and every season.

It's why it is the best time of year. Let's take a look at 5 reasons why you don't want to face the Seahawks.

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5. Home-Field Advantage

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There is no bigger home-field advantage than CenturyLink Field. It is a noisebox plain and simple. The 12th man brings it every Sunday, and the massive home-field edge the Seahawks are given every Sunday is a big reason why you want no part of this team.

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4. Russell Wilson's Dynamic Play Making Ability

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Russell Wilson has had no sophomore slump. In fact he has been dynamic in his second year in the league. Wilson can beat you with his arm, his legs and his brain. The combination of his outstanding athleticism and football IQ is a terrifying package for opposing defenses.

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3. Marshawn Lynch

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The Seahawks need to feed the beast this postseason. Marshawn Lynch is one of the most feared running backs in football for good reason. Once those legs get churning there is no stopping this load of a running back. The running game is what will see this team playing deep into January.

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2. The Return Of Percy Harvin

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Percy Harvin is slated to return for the Seahawks' first playoff game, and that return can't come soon enough. If there is one thing the Seahawks seem to be missing it is that dynamic weapon in the downfield passing game. Harvin brings that and then some. He is a weapon that needs to be accounted for at all times and makes this offense that much more difficult to defend.

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1. Stifling Seahawks Defense

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The Seahawks simply get after it on defense. They have a stifling secondary and a pass rush that goes four deep to put heat on the quarterback. In front of their crowd they are nearly unbeatable. No one wants to face this defense in the playoffs.