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5 Reasons Why No One Can Beat Peyton Manning And Denver Broncos

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5 Reasons Why No One Can Beat Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have been impressive this season, but they have shown the occasional weakness, too, so can anybody beat them? Peyton Manning has broken record after record, and he will be eager to add another Super Bowl ring to his collection. The Broncos will face their division rivals, the San Diego Chargers, in the second round of the playoffs. Although the Chargers are in form and have beaten Denver this season, this should be an easy enough game for Manning and his team.

What else is standing between Manning's Broncos and the Super Bowl if they win this game? It will likely be Tom Brady's New England Patriots and then the high-pressure Super Bowl encounter. That's it -- simple, isn't it? Three games and the Broncos will taste success, and they're capable of beating anybody as proven in previous weeks.

Some would say that the Broncos have the complete team. They are exceptional in almost every area of the field. There are slight areas for concern, but the Broncos have a talented, strong roster with the perfect blend of experience and youth. So, who can stop them?

When looking at the likely Super Bowl winner, it's easy to dismiss teams or to embrace their chances, but there are several reasons the Broncos have to be the favorite to land the Vince Lombardi trophy this February. Here are the five reasons why nobody can beat Manning and his Broncos.

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5. They Have Last Year's Experience On Their Side

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There is an awful lot of experience on this Denver Broncos team. That, alongside the pain from losing last year, should be enough to see them go all the way to the Super Bowl and then win it.

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4. They Have Explosive Offensive Talent

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When you have players like Peyton Manning, Wes Welker and Knowshon Moreno, you will be expected to win every game. They have the perfect balance and these players should see them through to victory.

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3. They Only Have to Win Three Games

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The Broncos have become experts at winning football games. Luckily, they only have to win three more and to accomplish their mission. The pressure is on, but you can bet they're feeling relaxed knowing they're only three games away from living their dream. It sounds easy, but the only real test they should encounter will be Tom Brady's New England Patriots.

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2. The Other Teams Have Big Weaknesses

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All teams have weaknesses, including the Broncos, but they've built a team that's as close to perfect as possible. Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts are impressive, but as proven in their Wild Card encounter with the Kansas City Chiefs, they will make mistakes and they have a poor defense. These weaknesses should be there for the Broncos to exploit.

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1. Peyton Wants to Tie Brother Eli Manning for Super Bowl Victories

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There's nothing quite like the rivalry between brothers. As much as the Manning brothers try to play it down, there is a rivalry between the two. Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings, while his much better older brother has one. Peyton needs to win this to ensure that he will be remembered as the better quarterback as both will most likely not win another after this year, meaning they'd finish their careers with two each.