AFC North Holds Best Group of Quarterbacks

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There’s Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton – I think you can make the claim that the AFC North holds the best group of quarterbacks over any other division in the NFL. Three Super Bowl trophies reside in the north since these quarterbacks hopped onto the scene. Also, several playoff appearances by each of them make this one of the toughest divisions to play against.

Starting with Roethlisberger, a savvy, underrated veteran who can get it done. Roethlisberger’s three Super Bowl starts rank only second in the league to Tom Brady. Not to mention Roethlisberger’s four AFC Championship appearances. Roethlisberger holds an NFL record for the most wins (51) in his first five seasons (2004-08). Big Ben is also the franchise leader in passing touchdowns for the Pittsburgh Steelers with 219.

After making the playoffs for the fifth-consecutive season, Flacco won the Baltimore Ravens a Super Bowl. Flacco made the ranks of two previous AFC Championships, but lost them both. After Flacco made the Ravens champions, they rewarded their quarterback with a contract that would make Flacco the highest paid player in NFL history. Flacco now holds several franchise and NFL records — starting with the most road playoff wins as a quarterback (six) and the most passing yards in Ravens’ history (21,545).

Dalton has yet to have the postseason success that the other quarterbacks in the division have had, but Dalton has established himself as a leader and productive starter in the National Football League. Starting with the great bond and connection he created with wide receiver A.J. Green. Dalton helped a team get over former quarterback Carson Palmer by taking the Cincinnati Bengals to the playoffs in three-consecutive seasons. Sadly, Dalton and the Bengals lost in the first round every time.

This division holds the biggest rivalry in all of football between the Steelers and Ravens. Each game is seemingly decided by three points or less, but is always effected by one or two plays made by Flacco or Roethlisberger. All three quarterbacks have reached the playoffs in each of their first two seasons in the league.

Although the Cleveland Browns have been unable to add to this tight, contested division, these three quarterbacks make the AFC North what it is.

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  • Farva55


    Cutler, Rodgers, Stafford.

    Brees, Newton, Ryan

    • Stan Johnson

      Even Rivers, Manning, Smith

    • Brandon Sweeney

      How do any of those quarterbacks amount to the success the AFC North quarterbacks have had? In both of the divisions you added, only one of those QBs have won a Super Bowl and Ryan has won just one playoff game while Newton has yet to play in a postseason contest.

  • Viper

    I agree, Peyton Manning, Alex Smith, and Phillip Rivers in AFC West are better than these 3. Just 3 days ago people were saying Andy Dalton was a disappointment. Flacco missed the playoffs after a big payday and has never looked great till last year. Big Ben has had good years, but benefited by a team that needed only a QB to win the superbowl for them. Also to win Championships, you have to have a good team with a good QB, QB’s may be the spotlight, but without a good team/coach an amazing QB can’t win championships.

    • Brandon Sweeney

      How are Phillip Rivers or Alex Smith amazing by any means? You make a lot of valid points. However, your quarterback needs to be clutch. Roethlisberger in 2008 and Flacco last season were both clutch. Tell me when Rivers and Smith have amounted to their success? I agree that Manning is amazing but he is a completely different QB in the postseason.