DeSean Jackson Not Wrong For Wanting Some Security From Philadlephia Eagles

By Devin O'Barr
DeSean Jackson
Joe Camporeale – USA TODAY Sports

Whenever an NFL athlete even hints about making more money, the common fan automatically turns on him. The narrow-mind folks say things like: “He signed a contract two years ago, why does he want more money?!” Then, these same bone-headed fans will promptly go to their boss within the next year asking for some sort of raise or extra compensation. So, try not to read into any of the hypocrites about there who are bashing DeSean Jackson for trying to get the Philadelphia Eagles to invest in him just a tad more.

Sure, Jackson agreed to a five-year deal in March of 2012, but the wide receiver knows exactly how NFL contracts work. While Jackson’s contract might read $50 million, the Eagles’ wideout will be lucky to see a fraction of that number. You see, the Eagles designed Jackson’s deal so that the skinny wide receiver makes solid cash early on, but can be released for rather cheap later on in his career.

For instance, Jackson was the fifth highest paid wide receiver for 2013 in terms of base salary, yet his $10.75 salary for 2014 is not guaranteed whatsoever. Therefore, the Philadelphia jitterbug was not wrong when he said “I just need some security somehow, someway” when talking about possible contract negotiations with the club. There is no reason to fault a guy for trying to make his case and provide a safer life for himself and his family.

Besides, Chip Kelly‘s fast-paced offense makes it even more difficult for Jackson to feel comfortable under such shaky contract ground. Oftentimes, athletes are mistakenly handed money-hungry labels and this is a perfect example of a top-notch wide receiver being misunderstood.

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