Despite Sad End to Season, Kansas City Chiefs Fans Should Be Grateful

By Aaron Charles
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It’s tough to think of a more heartbreaking way to end a season than blowing a 28-point second-half lead in the playoffs, but a sad ending doesn’t have to ruin an entire season. When you think about it, in any given season, every team’s story has a disappointing ending except the Super Bowl champions, and if some fans think anything but a Lombardi Trophy is a waste of time, then the risk/reward of watching football is clearly not worth it and they should just stop.

The Kansas City Chiefs gave their fans a great ride in 2013. It had its highs and lows and ended in devastating fashion, but Kansas City played competitive football that mattered all season, and expecting more than that from any team is expecting too much. The Chiefs won their first nine games to get to an 11-win season, and all but one of their six losses were tough fights until the end.

Win or lose, the Chiefs put up an extremely entertaining show, and hopefully the fans appreciate it. After the 2012 season, it would be difficult not to. In what was one of the most disastrous years for any team in NFL history, Kansas City won just two games, didn’t gain their first lead until Week 9, and made national news for all the wrong reasons.

A playoff win would have been nice, but the gargantuan leaps from 2012 to 2013 should not be ignored because of the disappointing finish. Owner Clark Hunt vowed to take the bull by the horns after the horrendous 2012 season, and what he did should be seen as a major success. Hiring head coach Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey were priceless moves that shot his team in the right direction.

Together, the three of them made several more big moves, including trading for the best quarterback available in Alex Smith.

It’s going to be tough to focus on anything outside of the playoff collapse right now, but the organization is back on track and heading in the right direction, and hopefully the fans can lock in on that. The Chiefs went from the worst team in the league to a contender in one season; with a few good moves from the organization’s top-notch leadership, Kansas City can definitely take their game further in 2014.

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