Green Bay Packers: Time For B.J. Raji To Leave Dom Capers, Cheese State

By Devin O'Barr
B.J. Raji
Benny Sieu – USA TODAY Sports

All good things must come to an end. Green Bay Packers fans will always have a fond memory of B.J. Raji as his unforgettable size, smile and overall demeanor are all unique. However, it’s time for the All-Pro defensive tackle to leave Green Bay and the team’s defensive coordinator Dom Capers in the dust.

Raji clearly isn’t nearly as involved as he used to be in Green Bay. In fact, as of Week 16 the nose tackle had been seeing right around 50% of the defensive and finally voiced his frustrations just a tad when he said: “I don’t label myself as a two-down defensive lineman…I’m just a two-down defensive lineman for us this year.”

Well, now that the Packers are eliminated from postseason play it’s time to see if Raji has the guts to leave the only NFL team he has ever known. Of course, Raji’s decision will depend a lot on what kind of money Green Bay is willing to offer, but it’s rather safe to say the Packers are already working toward his replacement. At the end of the day: this “break-up” is best for both parties as Raji can now restart in a new town, where he can hopefully get to the quarterback a tad more — No. 90’s last sack came in November of 2011.

Although Raji’s time in Green Bay might have ended sour, the defensive tackle still has a lot to be proud of and can be reminded every time he looks down at his Super Bowl ring.


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