Kansas City Chiefs Still Reeling After Wild Card Loss to Indy, Looking Ahead

By Jonathan W. Crowell
Dwayne Bowe, Josh Gordy
Thomas J. Russo – USA TODAY Sports

After a jaw-dropping comeback season for the Kansas City Chiefs, they are back home licking their wounds following a disappointing 45-44 loss Saturday to AFC South champions the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card playoff game.

After a rock-bottom 2-14 season last year, the Chiefs were looking solid after an undefeated first nine games this year. They were even leading Super Bowl favorites, AFC West rivals the Denver Broncos at one point. Though somewhat shaky and unpredictable at moments, they looked like they might be forming into a unit that could deliver when pressed upon.

Three weeks of losses in a row followed and put doubts in everyone’s minds — including their own. Then the two overwhelming back-to-back victories against the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders helped restore some hope.

Ironically, the Chiefs defense, which had played such an integral part in that start-up 9-0 record before the bye week, came apart against the Colts and let a 28-point lead disappear. Quarterback Alex Smith, running back Jamaal Charles and the rest of the Chiefs offense, who in the latter part of the season seemed to be becoming a more formidable force to be reckoned with, only mustered two field goals in the last almost a half-hour of game play.

And then both offense and defense collapsed at the last minute when they could have won the game. It could only be described as maddening, nail-biting and frustrating all at once for the Chiefs and their fans.

So, Kansas City falls to 0-4 against the Colts in their playoff match-ups, ends their playoff run prematurely and thus ends off their season on quite a down note.

On a brighter note, in the wake of the 2013 begins preparation for the 2014 NFL season. Head coach Andy Reid, his staff and his up-and-coming team have plenty of content to review and improve upon for next season. The defense can get back to being among the top in the league as they were previously, and the offense can continue improving its raw talent to become the high-octane scoring machine they are capable of.

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