5 Reasons Expanding The NFL Playoffs Makes Too Much Sense

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5 Reasons Why Expanding The NFL Playoffs Makes Too Much Sense

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According to sportscaster Dan Patrick, the NFL will add a wild card team to both conferences, meaning that only the top team on each side would receive a bye-week and the fans would be treated to three first round games instead of two. However, a league spokesman came out on Monday and shut down all thoughts that change was a done deal by saying that “no such decision” had been made. This was wonderful news for any fan that feels the same as's Dan Graziano:

“As pure entertainment goes, the first weekend of the NFL playoffs was pretty close to perfect. Which is why the NFL needs to leave it alone. That's right. Please don't expand the NFL playoffs. They're too good the way they are.”

It was a weekend highlighted by multiple comebacks, two last-second field goals, and a lot of hype about weather that really had no affect on the winning west coast teams. You really couldn’t ask for anything more.

But what fans, reporters and critics need to realize is that the NFL did not supplant the MLB as the Nation's new pastime purely because of entertainment value.

Commissioner Roger Goodell understood that this is a business. He marketed his players and games to families in a way that made the stadium experience enjoyable enough to have them sitting in the cold. And as the owners gained revenue, they were able to build new arenas like Jerry Jones' $1.3 billon playhouse, which made things even more enjoyable.

That’s why expanding the playoffs makes too much sense, because it makes money. People may not want to hear that, but it's the American way.

For more reasons why expanding the playoffs would be genius, flip through the next five slides.

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5. Money

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Everyone understands that the main reason behind expanding the playoffs would be to put more money in the pockets of commissioner Goodell and his NFL owners.

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4. Network Ratings

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The league's 2014 playoff coverage has been at a high, as evident by the NFC Wild Card game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers being ranked the highest rated first round matchup in 25 years.

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3. Fans

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What if you had two more potential classics to add to the fantastic finishes, excitement and 28-point miracle comeback in Indianapolis? Judging from the reactions to wild card weekend, fans would be in sports heaven.

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2. Deserving Teams Finally Have A Shot

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Although there will be many terrible teams that deserve to sit home, franchises like the 8-8 Pittsburgh Steelers -- who were cheated out of their spot -- and the 10-6 Arizona Cardinals wouldn't have to deal with the heartache.

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1. Wiggle Room For Roger Goodell

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The additions would be less of a victory and more of a compromise for Goodell, but he could always use the reward of more teams making the playoffs as a good disguise for players who complained that adding extra regular season games would be a threat to more injuries.