Buffalo Bills Should End Toronto Home Games In Upcoming Meeting

By Ryan Womeldorf
NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills might be looking to make a change, but this time around we’re not talking about the roster, the coaching staff or the front office.

No, the team appears to be reconsidering their annual visit north of the border. Though it’s a home game on the schedule, playing in Toronto’s Rogers Centre isn’t considered one, and more importantly the Bills have won just once since they began making the yearly pilgrimage over the border.

Reports have surfaced via the Toronto Sun indicating that the Bills will be meeting with Rogers Media the week of Jan. 12. While the reason for the meeting isn’t being disclosed, Bills CEO Russ Brandon has already been quoted as saying that the team would take a closer look into the series. Naturally, a spokesman for the Bills is denying that this is reason behind the meeting, but there’s a pretty strong chance it will come up.

As a fan of the team, I’d love to see this agreement end. It’s unnecessary, takes away an actual home game from the team for a faux home game and the Bills can’t seem to ever win when they’re in the Rogers Centre. Take the bout of fumblitis they suffered against the Atlanta Falcons when the two met in Toronto earlier this year for example.

Check here for any developments in the story and we are likely to hear more after the meeting takes place next week. In the meantime, let’s hope that someone in the Bills organization comes to their senses and pushes for this awful idea to be exterminated.

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