Norv Turner Eating Crow Thanks To San Diego Chargers’ 2014 NFL Playoff Run

By Anthony Blake
Norv Turner San Diego Chargers Mike McCoy
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It’s easy to rip on someone who continuously fails at their assigned task as an employee when they are on the way out. Most of the time it happens without much fanfare in the NFL as the owners, players and management are often thanked for their time and wished the best of luck. In the case of the San Diego Chargers giving Norv Turner his pink slip one year ago, however, the former coach made a controversial statement that many wrote down, underlined and highlighted just for future reference.

So here we are with Turner’s successor, Mike McCoy, proving that the former man on the sidelines for the Bolts was even more than just a failure as a coach. He was a liar trying to salvage the dignity he never had on his way out the door. Here’s what Turner told the San Diego Union-Tribune following his dismissal:

“Someone wrote a few weeks ago that this team is not that far away from the playoffs. I would disagree.”

Well, well. It would be quite entertaining to track old Norval down now and see what he and his buddy in former general manager A.J. Smith have to say about the team’s quick turnaround in year one under McCoy and new GM Tom Telesco. In all likelihood they would try to spin in it a manner that gives them much of the glory and say they laid the foundation for the team’s current success.

You know, like when this big, tough guy tries to open the jar of peanut butter to no avail only to have a scrawny little computer geek unscrew the cap in one try.

Though the song and dance following a Week 13 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals that left the Bolts 5-7 and reeling sounded vaguely familiar to what Turner used to sling around in post-game pressers, McCoy was truly conveying his belief in his team when he said:

“We’re just going one week at a time. We don’t care as an organization what anyone else thinks about us. We’ve got confidence in our room, within our organization from (team chairman) Dean Spanos all the way down, and that’s the most important thing for the whole organization.”

Obviously it was easy to slam Turner on the way out after he eroded the Bolts from a perennial playoff team to a middling franchise that had missed the playoffs three years running. With hindsight as a guide in the midst of the team’s current playoff run, however, it seems any criticism dealt toward the former coach was more than justified.

How’s that crow taste now, Norval?

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