What New York Giants Must Focus On In Most Critical Offseason In Recent Memory

By Christian Nelson
Eli Sacked
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Ahh, it’s been a week into the New York Giants‘ offseason and Big Blue Nation didn’t have to watch a depressing showing from their team on Sunday. It’s nice for fans to be able to sit back, relax and watch some playoff football without worrying about Eli Manning getting sacked or throwing a pick to blow yet another game like in 2013. And while this time is nice for fans, the Giants’ organization is just getting started on their road to redemption in 2014.

In the offseason, there a many key parts to the team that must be acknowledged by Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin to have success next NFL season.

First off, the offensive line needs a complete overhaul, obviously. Manning threw record high interceptions, was on the ground much more often than standing upright and the run game suffered immensely without a line to run behind. As far as I’m concerned, the only player safe for a spot on the roster next season is Justin Pugh, as he played admirably as a rookie, and made history as the only rookie in some time to start all 16 games in his first season in the NFL as a Giant.

The secondary is also a place of concern. Now this may be surprising to read, as players of the likes of Antrel Rolle, Will Hill and Stevie Brown highlight the safety position in 2014. However, the corner position is a position that definitely needs a solid playmaker week in and out. Prince Amukamara, though, playing up to his first round tag, can’t do it alone. If the Giants plan to take the passing game away from opposing quarterbacks, they need another corner to strike some fear into offensive coordinators so they cannot just key on one corner and take advantage of them (i.e. Corey Webster, Trumaine McBride).

One more linebacker is key for this team, as shown by Jon Beason. With the arrival of the star linebacker, the middle of the field immediately got a boost, and defensive numbers showed for it. Now, with a quality outside linebacker to work alongside Beason, offenses will struggle to break through with long runs or short throws.

Running back is a big concern heading into the 2014 NFL offseason as well, and deservedly so. Brandon Jacobs has officially retired (and wasn’t the savior long-term anyway), David Wilson is too small and doesn’t possess the ball skills to be an every-down back in the NFL, Peyton Hillis is a shell of his former self, Micheal Cox is still a long ways away from any serious chance of starting and Andre Brown was been mediocre to finish the season in 2013.

If they fix those issues, the Giants’ playoff chances in 2014 will greatly improve.

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