2014 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Washington QB Keith Price

By Patrick Karraker
Washington Huskies Keith Price
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Position: QB School: Washington
Height: 6-foot-1 Weight: 202
Class: RS Senior 40 time: N/A

While NFL talent evaluators and fans alike were upset to learn that they’ll have to wait another year to see young quarterbacks such as Brett Hundley, Marcus Mariota and Bryce Petty enter the league, one person who is certainly happy has to be Washington quarterback Keith Price. While there were rumors at one point that there could be as many as 20 quarterbacks taken, the class has now evaporated to the point where there are roughly 10 signal-callers who will certainly hear their name called in May. The last few spots are up for grabs, and Price is a guy who looks to have a good chance at being a late-round pick.

Price is both shorter and lighter than a prototypical NFL quarterback, but those qualities don’t hamper his ability to be an effective passer. He has a very strong arm and can make very accurate throws of over 50 yards. In contrast to some other strong-armed quarterbacks, however, Price still maintains great touch on his short throws and is highly accurate to all areas of the field.

Price has great mobility as well, and while he’s not really someone who should be classified as a “running quarterback,” he can pick up a first down on the ground if needed. While his physical running style was more harmful to his health as a young player, he seems to have toned it down as he has gotten more experience and no longer seeks out contact.

There are several areas which create concern about Price’s viability as an NFL quarterback. The most prominent probably is concern about him getting injured, as he is small and missed a game this year due to a shoulder injury, while missing parts of two others due to shoulder and hip injuries. In addition, there will be concerns about Price’s inability to escape the rush and his tendency to have passes batted down by defenders, which may be more of an issue against bigger NFL players.

With Price having spent five years in college where he consistently put up good numbers, he’s already pretty close to his ceiling. If a team is looking for a reliable backup who can come in and be ready to play quickly if needed, he would be an ideal option. His only obstacle to getting drafted will be convincing teams that his reliability is more desirable than the potential upside of project quarterbacks like Logan Thomas and Stephen Morris.


  • Very good touch on short throws and passes behind the line of scrimmage
  • Has a surprisingly strong arm, can make accurate deep throws over 50 yards
  • Makes strong, accurate throws on the run
  • Able to accurately squeeze the ball into tight spaces on tough sideline throws
  • Not really a scrambler, but mobility is very good
  • Can be a powerful runner if needed; recorded a career-high 82 rushing attempts in 2013, though, he doesn’t seek out contact like he did as a younger quarterback
  • Very experienced; spent five years at Washington and has three full seasons of starting experience


  • Undersized in terms of both height and weight
  • Throwing motion is rather unorthodox and usually involves him releasing the ball over his head
  • Struggles to sense when a pass rush is coming and can’t do anything to shake off rushers once they surround him
  • Height disadvantage leaves him susceptible to batted passes from defenders
  • Potential durability concerns; left Fight Hunger Bowl early with hip injury and missed Oregon State game with a shoulder injury

2013 Performance

Price had a very successful season for the 9-4 Huskies. He completed 66.2 percent of his 352 pass attempts and threw for 21 touchdown passes. While he didn’t match his numbers from his fantastic sophomore season in any of these categories, he did throw a career-low six interceptions while setting career highs in rushing attempts (82), yards (108) and touchdowns (five). In addition, he displayed better pocket presence than he did as a junior, being sacked 28 times, as compared to 37 in 2012.

2014 Draft Projection: Sixth Round

Film Watched: vs. Oregon (2013), vs. Stanford (2013), vs. Cal (2013), vs. BYU (2013), vs. Washington State (2012), vs. Baylor (2011)

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