Denver Broncos: Road in AFC Playoffs Similar to Revenge Tour of 1997

By Tylor Walden
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

For fans of the Denver Broncos, the road through the AFC Playoffs this season looks quite familiar.

Back in 1997, the Broncos were 12-4 which would normally be good for a division title, but similar to what happened this season, the Kansas City Chiefs finished with 13-3 record. The Broncos obtained the fourth seed in the playoffs and the teams they would go up against were teams that they had played and lost to in that calendar year. The Broncos first exacted revenge against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who knocked them out of the postseason in 1996 by winning convincingly 42-17. They would then play their division rival, the Chiefs in the divisional round and beat them 14-10 for revenge victory No. 2. Then in the AFC Championship Game, they would go on to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, who had beaten them close to the end of the ’97 regular season and completed the revenge tour 24-21.

But why are the Broncos of 2013 similar to the ones of 1997? The three remaining teams left in the AFC field, the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers, are the only three teams to have beaten the Broncos at some point this season with one of which being a divisional opponent. This has all the makings of a Revenge Tour II, 2013 edition because the Broncos have a chance to give payback to two of the three teams that beat them that year.

History is on the side of the Broncos, knowing that a perfect opportunity lies ahead for them to exact a little revenge on the path to the Super Bowl. John Elway knows this revenge tour all to well, and with a veteran quarterback in Peyton Manning in the similar situation as Elway not knowing how many years he has left to win a Super Bowl, this just has the makings of a sweet chance to complete the goal and have a little bit of retribution all at the exact same time.

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