First Year Of Chip Kelly Era A Resounding Success For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

While the bitterness of a heartbreaking home playoff loss is still fresh in the hearts and minds of Philadelphia Eagles fans, the year as a whole should still be looked at as a resounding success.

New head coach Chip Kelly developed and instilled a new culture in both veteran and young players alike. Competition breeds success. No jobs were handed to anybody, and it really helped this young team mesh quickly. His sports science program also was a resounding success.

The Eagles were the healthiest team in the playoffs by a wide margin, and after training camp, had no major injuries. Much of this can be attributed to Kelly’s sports science philosophies and nutritional programs.

Kelly’s offense works, there is no denying it. The Eagles were in the top five in yards and points, and moved the ball up and down the football field. The one area they would like to improve is third and short.

One thing the Eagles had that they never had under former head coach Andy Reid was a dominant running attack. They were the No. 1 rushing unit in the league thanks to Kelly’s utilization of LeSean “Shady” McCoy, the other backs, and his zone blocking scheme.

The ground game was truly an impressive sight to see. The Eagles’ future looks bright from here. They need to add a pass rusher and some secondary pieces on defense, and perhaps a kicker, but they are a young team on the rise.

Year 1 under Kelly was an out and out success. The future is bright in Philadelphia, thanks to this man.

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