Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck Primed To Be NFL's Elite Talent

By Ryan Wenzell
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The entire nation witnessed how special Andrew Luck really is. Some quarterbacks — even veterans — crumble when their team faces adversity or they struggle individually. Not Mr. Luck.

Despite throwing three crucial interceptions that looked to all but seal the Indianapolis Colts‘ fate, Luck bounced back and literally put the team on his back to carry them to a mind-blowing 45-44 victory, coming back from a 28-point deficit in the process.

These are the kind of things Luck is capable of. He is simply a special talent. We all know the hype that surrounded Luck coming into the league. He was billed as the most special quarterback prospect to come along since John Elway.

There was enormous pressure on this kid’s shoulders to save a franchise who had gone 1-15 and traded away their face in Peyton Manning. Boy has he ever done it. They have made the playoffs in both seasons he has been under center and now are in the Divisional round.

Luck covers up a lot of this team’s deficiencies. They aren’t particularly good defensively, and with the season-ending injury to Reggie Wayne not many people gave them a chance to compete. Apparently Luck didn’t get the memo.

His 445 yards passing and four touchdowns on Saturday came in remarkable fashion when his team absolutely needed it. When people think top quarterback in the game guys like Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers come immediately to mind.

That is all well and good, but sooner rather than later this kid will be on that list. In fact, before you know it he will be at the top.

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