Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots: Can Andrew Luck Have Repeat Performance?

By Ryan Wenzell
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck had a phenomenal game on Saturday afternoon — he simply did it all. Despite making a few mistakes late in the game, he rallied the troops and got a much needed win to keep the Indianapolis Colts‘ season alive.

The real question is, can Luck keep it going? T.Y. Hilton absolutely carved up the Kansas City Chiefs‘ secondary. He is far and away Luck’s favorite target in the passing game, and Bill Belichick is a master at taking away the opposition’s best weapon.

You can bet the New England Patriots‘ secondary, and specifically Aqib Talib, will concentrate their full efforts on taking Hilton out of the game. If that happens, Luck will really have to make magic happen.

With the loss of Reggie Wayne, it is Hilton and not much else in the passing game for the Colts. The running game, and Donald Brown and Trent Richardson, may have to be added factors in this one if the Colts want to move the football.

Don’t forget about the running ability of Luck. He can scoot despite his 6-foot-4, 250 pound frame, and he has emerged as one of the league’s elite young players. It is almost like he thrives when his team is down and he needs to rally them back.

It will be interesting to see the chess game that Belichick plays with Luck in his deception of coverage and defensive schemes, but Luck will be more than ready for the challenge. Even more impressive than his physical skills are his smarts at such a young age.

Luck vs. Brady and Belichick is must-see television. Get ready, folks. This will be entertainment at it’s finest. I believe all the injuries the Pats have on defense will be their undoing.

I see Luck going into Foxborough and taking out the Pats. Final score — 34-31 Colts.

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