Is Johnny Manziel Ready To Lead An NFL Team?

By Karim Akbar
Daniel Shirey – USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Johnny Manziel has hired representation and filed paperwork to join the NFL Draft. The move comes as no surprise as Manziel recently hired an agent, but Manziel may be in over his head if his attitude stays the same.

Manziel keeps maintaining that he’s just a regular 23-year-old. Which is the classic Manziel excuse when he landed himself in hot water, but that kind of thinking won’t play in the NFL where it’s all business and quarterbacks have to be the face of a multi-million dollar franchise. Manziel is used to leading boys, but not men.

Time will tell if Manziel is truly up to the challenge. At this point he’s basically working towards being the next Andrew Bynum. I doubt he makes a change in attitude by the time he’s drafted but that won’t matter much. Wherever he goes he needs to grow as a backup and not be saddled with starting controversy.

Johnny Manziel goes into the 2014 draft a top 20 candidate and could land with the Minnesota Vikings (among others). Teams will likely have no problem taking Johnny Football–even with his baggage–but trust me, general managers will have a hard time reeling this kid in if he gets out of line.

Manziel has proven time and time again that he will do things on his terms and no one else’s. That may not sit well with tenured coaches in the NFL who would happily ship a franchise quarterback away. Or worse, store him away like luggage like Mike Shanahan did with Robert Griffin III.

In the end, Johnny Manziel has all the talent needed to be successful in the NFL. It’s never been about the talent, it’s always been Manziel’s attitude. Not to mention, the bone headed mistakes and questionable decisions he made at Texas A&M.

Manziel will get a fresh start with a new team on draft day. Here’s to him succeeding because the sports world doesn’t need another Andrew Bynum.

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