Should Baltimore Ravens Bring Back Anquan Boldin In 2014?

By Dan Abeshouse
Anquan Boldin
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How did the Baltimore Ravens do in 2013 after having to trade Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49’ers? Eh, I don’t want to talk about it.

But if I didn’t this would be an insanely short article. This past offseason, the salary cap strapped Ravens had to make a tough decision and essentially sacrificed Boldin to help restore a declining defense. Guys like Elvis Dumervil, Daryl Smith, Chris Canty, Marcus Spears and Michael Huff were brought in.

Spears and Huff turned out to be duds, but the other guys definitely helped bring the Ravens defense back up. As I predicted in the offseason, the offense would decline as a result of the retooled defense. The 2013 Ravens offense was pedestrian and that’s being kind.

Without Boldin and Dennis Pitta most of the season, Joe Flacco had his worst season as a pro, throwing a career-high 22 interceptions. It didn’t help matters that the rushing attack was non-existent all year, as Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce were both battling injuries and running behind an inept offensive line.

The same inept line also got Flacco sacked 48 times in 2013 (second highest behind Ryan Tannehill). As Ozzie Newsome said today at the State of the Ravens press conference, one of the major areas that needs to be addressed is getting a receiver that can convert the 3rd and 7’s, a reliable target.

Translation: We failed to replace Boldin last year and we need to do something about it pronto. Why not replace Boldin with Boldin? It’s worth considering, seeing as Boldin’s contract will be up after this season.

After a great 2013 campaign with the 49ers ( 85 Receptions 1,179 yards and seven TDs), it would be highly unlikely that Boldin would take a discount for the Ravens or anyone for that matter. At 32, Boldin will likely seek one semi big score before calling it a career. The always cap strapped Ravens won’t be able to give Boldin that last big payday, but we could all dream of him taking a discount to come back.

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