Will 'Johnny Football' Manziel Succeed In The NFL?

By Ryan Wenzell
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official. Johnny Manziel aka “Johnny Football” is taking his talents to the NFL after only two seasons in college. They were memorable one, though, as Manziel may go down as the most decorated player in college football history.

He set all sorts of records in the SEC — the closest thing to the pros in college — where there are athletes all over the field. Manziel proved that he could thrive even against the best of the best as he shredded the Alabama Crimson Tide twice in two seasons.

There was not much more Manziel could prove statistically to pro scouts. He did it all. It’s the way he plays that has people concerned. Manziel plays sand lot football. When a play breaks down he improvises with the best of them and makes something out of nothing.

While that is all fine and well in college, in the pros players don’t make those mistakes. Everyone is a little bit faster and a little bit stronger. Can Manziel hold up for a 16-game season playing the style of football he does and being just a shade over six feet tall?

Those are all legitimate questions, but I see something special in the kid. He has something you can’t really measure — the “it” factor. While he can be troublesome off the field he seems to have matured over the years, and he will have no choice but to tone it down off the field if he wants to be the face of a franchise.

He certainly has the goods to do so. Make no mistake about it; this is no Tim Tebow, a college football star turned bust. Manziel has arm talent, leg talent, the smarts to read a defense and pick even elite secondaries apart.

He will be a high pick come May, and he will instantly be one of the most polarizing players in the league. Whichever team takes him better get ready for a media circus because it’s coming. It will all be worth it, though. This kid in time will be a star in the NFL.

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