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5 Reasons Johnny Manziel Should Have Stayed at Texas A&M

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5 Reasons Johnny Manziel Should Have Stayed at Texas A&M

johnny manziel
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Well, friends, it seems that Johnny Manziel's career as a Hesiman-winning quarterback at Texas A&M has come to an end. On Wednesday, the quarterback formally announced he'd be leaving College Station to enter the 2014 NFL Draft.

In three years at A&M, Manziel was no stranger to the spotlight. He was the focus of media scrutiny both on and off the field, and the kid gained nearly as much attention for attending offseason frat parties as he did for winning college football's most prestigious award.

But now, as we set our sights on May's draft, many questions still loom in the heads of NFL analysts and fans alike. Is he big enough? Is he mature enough? Is he worth changing a team's entire offensive scheme for? These are all questions that that must be seriously mulled over before making an investment in the 21 year-old.

There was a slight drop-off in production from Manziel's freshman year to his sophomore year, but that's expected when you put up 5,116 total yards and break the all-time SEC yardage record. Add in the fact that Manziel is a projected top 5 pick and just led A&M to an amazing come-from-behind in the Chick-fil-A bowl, and it seems he would be remiss not to take his skills to the next level.

But in reality, there are many reasons why Manziel would be judicious to stick it out for another year in College Station. From his maturity issues to his possible destination come April, here are five of them.

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5. Improve His Deep Ball

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Manziel has had the luxury of playing with 6-foot-5 Mike Evans over his last two years at Texas A&M. Evans may possibly be the best jump ball receiver in all of college football, which has afforded Manziel the amenity to throw the ball up for Evans to do his thing with.

The problem is Manziel won't have Evans in the NFL and opposing cornerbacks will certainly be more prepared for it. Staying another year at A&M would give him the opportunity to improve this aspect of his game before taking it to the league.

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4. Strong Possibility He Ends Up In Jacksonville

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Sorry, Jacksonville Jaguars fans, but nowadays Jacksonville isn't the most popular landing spot for NFL draft picks. In fact, it's probably the least popular one, even with the great weather. While Manziel probably won't pull a John Elway or Eli Manning and refuse to play for the Jags, he surely won't be too ecstatic about it. With Jacksonville picking at No. 3, there's a very real scenario where Manziel ends up there.

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3. Maturity Issues

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Assuming that Manziel will magically grow up when he enters the NFL is wishful thinking at best. There's been a long line of talented college players (Josh Gordon, Dez Bryant, Adam "Pacman" Jones) that have proved this in the past.

Another year for Manziel to mature definitely wouldn't hurt. Whoever drafts Manziel will have to realize he comes with some baggage, and they'll need to be prepared to handle his off-the-field attention which will likely come before he ever plays a down.

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2. Chances Of Draft Day Free-Fall

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Manziel's situation is eerily similar to that of Colt McCoy's in 2010. According to analysts, McCoy was the third best quarterback in the draft, was a two-time Heisman finalist and was knocked for his lack of size entering the draft -- a la Manziel.

If you remember, McCoy had an epic slide down to the mid-third round where he was eventually scooped up by the Cleveland Browns. While Manziel is more physically gifted than McCoy, NFL front offices may still be scared away by his lack of size and maturity, causing a McCoy-esque free-fall.

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1. Whoever Drafts Him Will Have To Change Entire Offense

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Manziel is a special quarterback with special needs to succeed in an NFL offense. Whoever ends up with Manziel will not only be drafting him, but they will, in essence, be bringing a new team and offensive scheme with him. This increases the risk in a Manziel investment greatly as whoever ends up with him will be forced to stick with him for an extended period of time, bust or not.