5 Reasons Why Johnny Manziel Will Be No. 1 Overall Pick In 2014 NFL Draft

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Johnny Manziel Emerges as Class of 2014 NFL Draft

Johnny Manziel
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When Johnny Manziel officially announced that he would be leaving Texas A&M to enter the 2014 NFL Draft nobody was really surprised, but there were certainly some who were critical. People all over were quick to criticize the quarterback's small stature or his gunslinging nature, amongst other things, to try and slight any chances of going high in the upcoming draft.

While there will always be some people who want to degrade Johnny Manziel in any way possible, I for one find most of these claims to be ludicrous and surely not based in analysis of actual film or history. This is because it is clear that Manziel has a resume and physical profile that places him far and above every single other prospect in the upcoming draft.

For one when looking at Manziel's career statistics at Texas A&M, there is really no other person that can compare to him in college football history. In both 2012 he set the record for the most total yards in a single season in SEC history -- with his 5,116 a grand 789 more than then second place Cam Newton -- and then followed it up with a second place total of 4,873 on the single season yard total. Suffice to say, these are totals that few in college football have ever approached, regardless of competition level.

And of course huge statistical output is not the only thing that makes Manziel a great fit for whatever team drafts No. 1 in the 2014 NFL Draft -- the Houston Texans are reportedly open to trading the pick -- and in fact it is far from it. To this effect I have came up with five reasons as to why Manziel would be a great fit for any team and why whoever ends up with the top pick will take him.

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5. Manziel Is the Ultimate Competitor

Johnny Manziel
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In addition to all of the physical attributes that make Johnny Manziel a top notch prospect on the football field, the guy simply has a will to win. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has previously said that Manziel is,"one of the greatest competitors (I've faced) in all of the years I've coached." Of course that is no small praise, and while the quarterback's reckless abandon may scare some teams, the facts are that Manziel is the type of competitor teammates want to play with and fans love to cheer on.

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4. Manziel Knows How to Handle the Media

Johnny Manziel
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One underrated factor of quarterbacks coming into the NFL is their ability to handle the media, but it can truly make or break a career. While other quarterback prospects Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Derek Carr and even AJ McCarron have largely been shielded from scrutiny in college, Johnny Manziel has been thrown directly into the public fire. Sure Manziel has made a couple of questionable decisions, but in front of the camera he has been nothing short of stellar yet most accounts have labelled him as nothing displaying the type of maturity a NFL quarterback needs to.

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3. Drafting Manziel Will Bring Big Financial Gains

Johnny Manziel
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Although some people may not like it, the NFL is a business, and nearly all decisions the front office makes keep money in mind. There is no doubting when it comes to the monetary side Johnny Manziel would be an absolute boon as he approaches a Tim Tebow level of hype and followers, although with much more talent. Manziel would undoubtedly rank in the top five in jersey sales in 2014, ensure whoever he plays for has a full stadium every game and bring millions of extra dollars to the owner's pocketbook. Oh yeah, and he knows how to sling the ball around too.

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2. Game Changing Running Ability

Johnny Manziel
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While extreme reliance on running is a negative at the NFL level, there is no doubting that Johnny Manziel holds the ability to change games with his legs. Over his two seasons with Texas A&M the quarterback rushed for 2,169 yards and 30 touchdowns which generally kept opposing defenses at bay because they could not over commit to the rush or pass defense. This running factor should not scare NFL teams, though, as Manziel rushed the ball 57 less times in 2013 than in 2012 and seemingly figured out that running should be a last resort.

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1. Manziel Has a Powerful and Accurate Arm

Johnny Manziel
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Ultimately the most important physical attribute of a quarterback is their arm, and Johnny Manziel has a cannon. During the 2013 season he threw for 4,114 yards, 37 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and completed 69.9 percent of his passes. Sure these numbers do not directly translate to the NFL, but Manziel's cannon of an arm, ability to hit wide receivers at any point on the field and ability to adjust to different reads makes him the class of the 2014 NFL Draft. If he doesn't go No. 1 in the 2014 NFL Draft, I for one will be shocked.